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LeonThePro Jun 24, 2001 09:02 AM
Navigate with multiple windows for surfing
I am new to Mac OS 9.1 and X, how do I EASILY navigate with multiple windows when I am surfing under Internet Explorer?

I find it convenient under Windows OS that whenever I open a new window, there are small tabs that appear beside the "START" bar below the screen. That way, when I need to go to one of the windows that have been overshadowed already from the other newer windows, I can just click on the tab below.

Is this possible with the Mac OS? If so, how can I activate it?
Cipher13 Jun 24, 2001 09:26 AM
You could use some utility like GoMac to do that, but why?

Up the top, there is a "Window" menu. Use it.

Or, better yet, Apple-` (next to the '1' key) cycles through windows.

The Windows start bar is awful, when you have a tab for each window per app, etc, it gets so cluttered, and portrays no more information than "Microsoft Internet Explorer - " or whatever.

You're on a Mac for a reason, right? Escape all that garbage.
Unless you're being forced to use one. In which case, look for the silver lining - you'll enhance your mousing skills going to a menu as opposed to a tab :\ (you know, smaller clickable surface area on a menu of width equivalent to "Window", or something, then the whole downward motion of selecting an option below).

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LeonThePro Jun 24, 2001 10:07 AM
Cipher13....thanks for the reply. You're right! There is a Windows menu above. I was just so used to looking down in Windows OS. I never really maximized the menu above. It's a lot better because it still shows the whole window title.

well, you have to pardon a newbie.
peterthorn Jun 27, 2001 06:01 AM
The solution for some international users (eg. Danish) is to press ALT-Command- (yes, quite a tricky combination).

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