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NeonBoy Oct 12, 1999 07:55 PM
MacOS 9f9 and MacOS 9GM, What's the Difference?
Hey guys,

I been using the MacOS 9f9 and don't see anything different with the MacOS 9GM. It have the same memory requirement too. I havent used GM version yet. Anyone used the GM version know what's the different?, I heard a lot of bugs been fixed and it is already finalize as being Golden Master. I been using MacOS 9f9 and have some crash sometime or incompatible with a lot of softwares. Will the GM fixed all of this?.

My friend told me to get the Final Released of MacOS 9 that is shipping already with pre-order. Should I listen to him and buy the MacOS 9 or stick with MacOS 9f9?. I didn't know there were so many version. I heard the GM version is still not the final version. It's such a pain.
dklaproth Oct 13, 1999 02:35 AM
Support Apple. BUY OS9.
wlonh Oct 13, 1999 06:12 AM
pardon me, but RELAX NeonBoy...

why get all worked up about this?

the version of MacOS 9 that has shipped to some is the GM... and a GM is a GM it is NOT a beta though it may in some ways behave like that until the Apple bugfixes and third-party drivers, etc., catch up to it... the GM is the final version UNTIL Apple comes up with a bugfix or two to modify the OS and then I GUESS you COULD call that a MORE final version...

This is the game that moves as you play!

The work is never done, nothing is ever 'all fixed' completely, and life goes on.

and yes folks, i am aware that NeonBoy likely glommed MacOS 9 betas from a Hotline server or something like... not nice, for sure. and let me go on the record: i despise Hotline for any number of reasons which should need no elucidation.

so SUE me, or sosumi!!

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Herr Newton Oct 13, 1999 02:59 PM
You know... NeonBoy would know the difference if he'd obtained his copies legally. Now where'd those seeding notes go? Hmmm... oh, here it is. Line 7: "Pirating Apple software hurts Apple." (No, that's not really in the notes.)
Takeo Oct 13, 1999 09:18 PM
Let me get this stright... you're complaining about having to buy the final version because it may be different than your pirated version? What a pain in the ass eh!? Having to buy the real thing! When will Apple get their act togeather and start seeding beta's that are the same as the final verion! Jezz! But seriously, regardless of what f9 is or if GM is the same as final or whatever, you should buy the final version.
Misha Oct 13, 1999 11:33 PM
Yep, I gotta say the same thing as everyone else... buy Mac OS 9 final. Not to mention that if you ever call Apple support (or any support) and tell them you're running Mac OS 9fc9 that they'll all tell you they don't support it.

Sure, go ahead and pirate beta version of the Mac OS (and take that risk) all you want, but make sure that you support Apple in the end by buying the shipping product.

Btw, that's not an advocation of piracy...

Misha Sakellaropoulo
Senior Editor, MacNN
iMac2Day, iBook2Day
NeonBoy Oct 14, 1999 06:02 PM
Geeze guys don't attack me all at the same time. I never said I will not buy the final version. My friend just give me the MacOS 9f9 to try out. I never pirated in the first place, he said it for me to try it out so if I like it I can buy it. Neverless since you guys put it that way, I will buy the full version this week. HAPPY?
Le Flaneur Oct 15, 1999 10:52 AM
Guess what, NeonBoy? OS 9 isn't available on a trial basis, and your friend shouldn't have given f9 to you to try.
rue Oct 16, 1999 05:35 AM
To your credit, you're a pirate *and* a moron neonboy. Even the GM has gone through several revisions already. If you're not willing to pay for a developer status, than you have no right to use (much less discuss) anything regarding prerelease builds of os9.
Takeo Oct 16, 1999 11:08 AM
I don't think there's anything terribly wrong with using pirate copies just for curiosity as long as you don't expect support and as long as you buy the real thing when it comes out. I would guess that a lot of the folks here are using illegal copies. So what? As long as they buy the real thing when it's available, what's the big deal? The issue with NeonBoy is that it seemed as if he was *complaining* about having to buy the real thing since the GM is perhaps not the final final version.
wlonh Oct 16, 1999 12:08 PM
Thank you Takeo, you are a voice of wisdom.

(i mean it)
NeonBoy Oct 17, 1999 01:24 AM
Thanx Takeo, my point exactly. Some people just take the wrong ways and got mad at me. I'm sorry if I posted this and cause so many misunderstanding. The MacOS 9f9 is only temporary, getting the real thing is better and it is the best eyes candy for the Macintosh. You betcha I'm not going to missed out. It come with the Golden Box, CD, and Manauls, so it's better to alway buy the real thing anyway. I can't wait for it to ship to me soon. I trash MacOS 9f9 after I got the real deal. Like Tokeo said, trying it out first and buying it later is not wrong. It is wrong when one try it out but keep it without buying the real thing.

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jray Oct 17, 1999 05:10 PM
Actually, I was hoping this discussion would be useful, but it's just a bunch of people complaining about pirates.

I have 9.0f9 and GMc4 and I am unable to determine the difference. I also have both of these because I'm a registered developer...

Unfortunately, Apple has not posted any information on the versions of the software that are available on the developer site. The GMc4 info states simply "This is the lastest beta of Mac OS 9.0" or something similar. Quite disturbing. 9.0f9 was available up until Thursday night - WELL after people reported getting the CDs. *Finally* on Friday I recieved a seeding update w/ GMc4 listed, but no other comments.

You'd think they'd bother to tell people who have a legitimate claim to the software what the heck they're downloading.
Rapsodan Oct 17, 1999 05:31 PM
Jray: If you are a developper you have all the read me files with all changes. In every versions.
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