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DDG Jun 25, 2001 08:52 AM
DVD Player Woes
Here's the skinny:
I recently installed DVD Player 2.4 and when I went to open it, it said "This Macintosh does not support the Apple DVD Player, Error number (301)." Confused, I read up on Apple's support site for any related problems and basically found that there were problems with the Player (version 2.2) and 9.1. A clean install was recommended.

I put it off doing the Clean Install and Apple released DVD Player 2.7. I installed it to replace 2.4, and when I went to open it, it gave me the same message. Frustrated, I finally did a clean install using the System Install CD that came with my G4 (OS 9.0.2), installed Player 2.2, ran the 9.0.4 updater, then ran the 9.1 updater. Finally, I ran Software update to automatically update everything else, including DVD Player 2.7.

After making sure everything was allright, I ran the player and it opened without a problem. I played a movie, browsed around the disc, and everything worked perfectly. I was very happy thinking my problems were solved. 2.7 worked very well!

The next day, I ran various tests in TechToolPro to clean everything up from all of the moving around. Used the computer for a bit, then tried running a DVD again. Then that crazy message popped up, making the Player useless once again.

Please give me your wisdom. This is very frustrating. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.
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