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Theo Oct 13, 1999 08:16 AM
Mac Os 9/ColorSync 3/Photoshop 5.5 wierdness....
Here's the whole deal:

After installing OS 9, I find that if I have checked in RGB Setup Prefs
in Photoshop to "Display using monitor compensation", I can no longer
get white backgrounds. The lightest background is a light yellow. All images look like they have a yellow layer on top of them. New documents with just a white background open in a light yelow background. RGB values of 255 all around only produce that yellow. Unchecking the box returns white to Photoshop. Compatibility problem?

Additionally, in the ColorSync control panel there are three choices for Lab profile under the name Adobe Photoshop CIE lab. Are they supposed to be there all three of them?

Also, there are Agfa, Kodak, Apple, Heidelberg, and one more CMM which shows with garbled characters and a (trademark) at the end. What is that? A corrupted file or something useful?

The RGB Default setting for Documents is supposed to be a color space like Adobe RGB(1998) or a monitor profile?

Input setting in Profiles for Standard Devices, is that supposed to be a, for example, scanner profile?

I am not surprised Apple AGAIN is not offering any step by step instruction on setting up ColorSync, leaving us to GUESS for the settings.

Any ideas anyone?
Ster Oct 13, 1999 09:55 AM
just a thought, but you might have to re-calibrate your monitor's white-point after you chenaged settings. that can make everything look yellowish. look under either monitors or colorsync control panels, i'm not sure which one under os9.
hope that helps,
Theo Oct 13, 1999 11:20 AM
tha's what it is, but it happens because Photoshop doesn't know anymore what to do with the profiles, except for the default 9300 profile. Also, using Adobe Gamma to make a new profile, results in having the name of the profile you started with, deos not use the profile name you gave it. Very weird. Wild crap.
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