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Takeo Oct 13, 1999 09:21 PM
Anyone able to Speak their username?
I've tried everything, and I always have to type the username. What am I missing? Has anyone been able to do a voice-only login? i.e. speak the username *and* passphrase?
MacFan Oct 13, 1999 10:16 PM
The voice login is pretty cool yet very finicky at times.

I have been able to use it with no problems, but I have heard that if you catch a cold or have any background noise not in the original recordings that it could be thrown off. Also noticed that it is important to speak clearly into whatever mike you are using from the same distance as when you originally recorded.

One other note. When I tried this with an external mike I had nothing but problems. When I use the iMac internal mike it works great. Hope this helps
ddfreela Oct 13, 1999 11:20 PM
Try saying "computer" before your username. That is working for me. It would appear that it is tied into the speech recoginition prefs even though speech does not have to be turned on, just installed.
Misha Oct 13, 1999 11:30 PM
I've had problems with the initial voice activation attempt not being able to register my voice fast enough... otherwise, make sure that you're saying your password as far away from the mic as you recorded, and (obviously) record it and say it in your normal voice... don't try to be extra clear, loud, etc...

Misha Sakellaropoulo
Senior Editor, MacNN
iMac2Day, iBook2Day
Takeo Oct 14, 1999 08:07 PM
I have been able to get the passphrase working... that wasn't the question (although it never works first thing in the morning right after getting up). The question was how to get the passphrase *and* username to work by voice... i.e. a completely hands free login. It is supposed to be possible. I haven't tried the "say computer first" suggestion... I'll try that on the next reboot... thanks.
scott Oct 14, 1999 08:42 PM
One other note. When I tried this with an external mike I had nothing but problems. When I use the iMac internal mike it works great.
This has been the case for some time. PlainTalk has always required the use of a PlainTalk microphone. It comes with G3s and iMacs, at least.

- Scott

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Takeo Oct 15, 1999 09:50 PM
I tried saying "Computer" before my username and lo and behold... it works!! By the way, did you know that you don't actually need a password? You can leave it blank in the MultiUsers control panel. Also, since the username part of a voice login only uses voice recognition, not voice*print* recognition, you can login very easily by voice, even with tons of background noise or with a cold or whatever... just by saying "Computer... Username". Furthermore, if you set up the login screen to show a username text input instead of a list, you even get a mildly secure username-only login since someone would have to guess your username. I must say, MultiUsers is a killer new feature.
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