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llaboo Oct 14, 1999 03:51 PM
does NU5.0 Boot
Does the copy of Norton Boot from the CD or is it not working in general.
garretwp Oct 15, 1999 06:40 AM
When i run norton disk doctor it wont run all the way through is anyone else having this problem?

Rugby-[cmg] Oct 15, 1999 04:02 PM
I haven't gotten it to run properly on my Beige G3 with the retail version of OS 9 on it.
Theo Oct 16, 1999 09:11 AM
Norton 5.0 works fine here on OS 9. I got a 7600/G3 400. The only incompatibility is wih Filesaver which doesn't know about Mutliple users, and when that is enabled, it will ALWAYS scan your disks after a restart thinking that the machine went through an "improper shutdown". No other harm done, and Norton Disk Doctor has worked fine, although I haven't used it to fix my startup volume while the System is running from it. Symantec says they will issue a compatibility statement on the week of the 23rd, and I hope it inlcudes an update too! But, basically version 5 can be used right now to do the main things, including optimizing disks under OS 9.
Clyd3 Oct 18, 1999 09:57 PM
I have also not had any problems with NU 5, except for the FileSaver issue. I upgraded my NU in preparation for the OS 9 release.
47Ronin Oct 19, 1999 05:14 AM
I had problems with NUM5 but I figured out how to fix them. I initially noticed that login would crash at startup then continued booting; then freezing after a short while. Force quitting revealed that the FileSaver extension was getting in the way, so i disabled all Norton extensions except Norton Shared Lib, which is required to actually use NUM5 on a bare system. From there, I got a clean reboot with no problems but no NUM5 protection. I then re-enabled all NUM5 extensions just as they were installed then....
Opened the FileSaver control panel and turned off ALL checkboxes for protection, deletion tracking.. everything. I figured somehow it was trying to scan at startup even though I had it unchecked. After disabling ALL protection at ALL times.. I hesitantly rebooted. Everything went okay, login didn't crash, and I'm happy. I then enabled FileSaver's update/deletion tracking.. BUT made sure it scans ONLY at shutdown or before a disk ejection. Other instances may cause NUM5 to interfere with other MacOS 9 functions. My guess is that MacOS 9 causes NUM5 to somehow initialize its scan preferences to run right after booting-- getting it stuck during login! If you uncheck all protection, reboot, then re-enable protection, it works! My system has been running fine ever since!

47 Ronin Multimedia

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