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Matt Oct 14, 1999 08:39 PM
OS 9.0 is eating my processor (cycles, that is)!
After installing OS 9, I ran the MacBench processor test and noticed that my benchmark had dropped considerably from OS 8.6.

Booting with extensions off under OS 9, I get a score of 909, but as soon as I enable even a few extensions (Apple or otherwise) my score drops to around 750!! A full extension set gives me a score of 680!! The same set of extensions under OS 8.6 yield a score of 890.

BTW, I'm running a Umax C600 upgraded to 280Mhz G3 (yeah, I know - unsupported clone, yada, yada...)

So, I'm wondering what might be leading to the low scores. Is it possible that MacBench is incompatible with OS 9?? I'm gonna try Norton's benchmark for a comparison, so I'll post back with those results if anyone's interested.

Has anyone else seen this problem?? I'm just worried about the implications on processor intensive apps. Thanks for any input.

Matt Oct 14, 1999 09:08 PM
Well, I tried Norton System Info (v.5), and I got much more reassuring results: 686 with extensions off, and 681 with all extensions enabled. This is much closer to what I expected.

I would conclude that MacBench may be incompatile with OS 9.
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