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Mike Cashwell Oct 15, 1999 08:28 AM
Newer MaxPowr G3 400/200 trouble
Even with a clean install of the base MacOS 9 and Java, if I add version 1.3.9 of the MaxPowr extension, my system hangs hard just after the MaxPowr banner window appears below the boot-up window.

Without that extension (or with the shift key down to block all extensions), the machine boots fine, but is slow since it hasn't enabled the backside cache.

I'm going to open my system tonight to read the serial number off the card so I can ask Newer directly (What a pain!), but given their "don't call us" response regarding ever supporting OS X, I have little expectation of any solution from them. Once they have your money, you can forget it. If they were on the ball, they'd already have an upgrade out, but alas the latest version is from July.

So has anyone else run into this or know of any solution?
Hellgo Oct 21, 1999 09:55 AM
I have a 7100 upgraded to a maxpower G3. I contacted Newer and they told me they arte working on a fix. So far nothing.... If anybody has any more news. Post here so the rest of us can no what is going on.
Mike Cashwell Oct 21, 1999 02:14 PM
I've found more information. By altering the extension so it would load last (scri -> INIT and changing the spaces at the front of the name to a ~) I am now able to boot with the extension working.

However, the system still hangs sometimes. One repeatable case is during the scan for "Devices and Volumes" in Apple System Profiler. Another that sometimes happens is when Toast tries to read from the CD-ROM drive.

Interestingly, both Apple System Profiler and TechTool Pro 2 show incorrect system-reported CPU clock speeds. (Their measured speeds are right.) I wonder if there's code in MacOS 9 (or a driver) which is basing some timing calculation on this incorrect speed and failing because of it.

Let's hope Newer figures it out.
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