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Teek Oct 15, 1999 09:42 AM
Stuffit Expander incompatible?!
I have Expander 5.1.3, but every time I try to unstuff something, I get a -11 error. MacsBug reports it as "System error #119 - dsMustUseFCBAccessors".

There's a TechNote about FCB changes in OS 9, so it seems to me that Expander is incompatible. Anyone else have this problem? Or, better yet, know when a new version will be released?

That copy of MindExpander I've been keeping around is finally coming in handy!
Mike Cashwell Oct 15, 1999 10:00 AM
I installed Internet Access along with MacOS 9. It put version 5.1.4 of Expander and 5.1.2 of DropStuff (and 5.1.3 of the extenstions). It seems to work fine. Try custom-installing Internet Utilities and then making sure you don't have duplicate copies.
Mithras Oct 15, 1999 10:35 AM
The error message you received, and the fact that you still use version 5.1.3, indicates that you are not using the release copy of OS 9 from the CD.

The error message has been updated in the shipping release with a friendlier message indicating that "an update to this software is required for compatability with the improved Mac OS file system."
Teek Oct 15, 1999 12:09 PM
>The error message you received, and the fact
>that you still use version 5.1.3, indicates
>that you are not using the release copy of OS
>9 from the CD.

No need to jump to conclusions.
I actually DO have the release version, and I've figured out my problem: I didn't bother installing the copy from the CD because I figured it woudn't be necessary. I've installed it now and everything's fine.
rph Oct 16, 1999 04:47 PM
I keep MindExpander around. For a long time, they've said that they work on all Mac OS's, including 9.
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