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griffd Oct 15, 1999 12:17 PM
MacOS 9 and Adaptec 2940UW - doesn't work!
This is on my beige G3. I'm using the latest firmware version from adaptec. The OS installs fine, but I go to restart and it hangs at the MacOS 9 splash screen almost immedietly (no extensions have a chance to load). The odd thing is, disabling extensions allows me to start-up. Changing the startup disk to another drive with OS9 on it doesn't work either - it ignores that drive and boots off the UW drive with the same symptoms. The only way im able to boot up in OS9 successfully (with extensions) is by pulling the card! Note that there are no third party extensions installed; i did a clean installation (and zapped the PRAM). Please, if you have any ideas, let me know.
Herr Newton Oct 17, 1999 06:31 PM
All I know is this: MacOS 9.0 is working fine with my Adaptec 2940UW in a PowerCenter Pro 210. (Stock, aside from the addition of a few hard drives.)

I'd advise you to call Adaptec for help... you'll need your card's serial number in order to get tech support--they won't touch it unless you've got a serial number. (And you'd think that having the card would be proof enough!)
richiem Oct 21, 1999 02:05 PM
I have a Adaptec-2940UW running to two 4.5 Gb fast/wide drives in my B&W G3. It works very well.

Make sure you have undated the flash rom to 4.1 avaiable from Adapted and PowerControl 5.0 application (which lives in the Control Panels folder.

This card has not been an issue for me, although I can't seem to boot from it.
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