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wadekainer Oct 15, 1999 11:06 PM
OS 9 and DVD playback (Lombard)
Anyone else notice more frequent glitches (occasional skips, "scratched disk" messages using the new DVDPlayer vers 1.3 and OS 9? I notice it especially around layer/chapter switches. The older DVD Player 1.2 seems to be more stable in this regard, but I'm still doing more testing on "problem" disks.
Dragonlance Oct 16, 1999 07:00 PM
Mac OS9s DVD player hasnt taken care of all the problems wih the player included in OS 8.6 ? i mean does the disk still get stuck, is the volume still lower than usual when playing DVDs ?

Mac Rules !!! seeya :)
Fooj Oct 18, 1999 02:24 AM
Actually, I've got a problem with DVD playback on a Wallstreet (sorry, I know this thread's talking about Lombard DVDs). It seems that the new Apple CD/DVD Driver doesn't recognize the DVD-ROM module as DVD hardware. I can work around it by using the CD/DVD driver from 8.6, but that's kind of a hassle. Anyone out there hear of the same problem, or if it's possible I'm conflicting with something?
wadekainer Oct 18, 1999 05:48 AM
Well, by playing around I've found out the new player does play well without 3rd party extensions, however in all testing, I could never get the DVD-ROM tray to eject discs via the Eject button (or menu). Ejection does work, though, in the AppleCD Audio Player. Strange... My gut tells me there's still something a little funny with the DVD player.
wadekainer Oct 19, 1999 06:49 PM
Problem solved. Trashing the DVD and Finder Prefs seems to have cleared everything. Stupid of me not to think of it earlier. Problems just coincidental with the OS 9 installation.
oscar Oct 22, 1999 01:40 AM
OS9 DVD player uses software MPEG2 decoding, and it's still in beta. Im not sure if it will use the MPEG2 decoder card if its present
Misha Nov 4, 1999 04:52 PM
I noticed that the Eject button wouldn't eject the DVD... I'll have to try deleting the prefs. I have noticed a few skips during the course of a movie... maybe three or four, max. This didn't happen before, but it's really not that big a deal.
Misha Nov 4, 1999 04:54 PM
As a followup, I got my first "disk is scratched/dirty" error yesterday. Oddly enough it was at the very end of the credits for Devil's Advocate. A quick click on "ok", a return to the menu, then a return to the movie had this fixed... odd.
wadekainer Nov 4, 1999 08:22 PM
As a followup, the ejection probs returned, and I still get the 3 or 4 tiny skips (which occur in the same spot whether starting from the beginning of the movie or moving to the start of the chapter)(!), so I ended up reinstalling a minimum 8.6 + DVD 1.2 software (just to play DVDs flawlessly) alongside the OS 9 and DVD 1.3. Booting from 8.6 eliminates the tiny skips and restores ejection...perhaps something in the CD/DVD Driver or decoding library is slightly amiss.
toloczko Nov 7, 1999 07:39 PM
Have you thought about moving the DVD 1.2 software from OS 8.6 over to OS 9? I moved ColorSync 2.6.1 from OS 8.6 to OS 9 because the individual color adjustments in ColorSync 2.6.1 effectively elimnate the blue hue on the Lombard LCD display. No problems so far.
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