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sphxm Oct 17, 1999 01:35 PM
jackhammer scsi card freezes at boot
with os 9 installed my b&W G3 freezes before any extensions load with jackhammer card in pci slot. boots fine after pulling the card. i've had to revert to 8.6 to use my scsi periperals. what a disappointment.
is anyone else having similar problems?
Kat122 Oct 20, 1999 02:55 PM
I think you should contact the Jackhammer manufacturer about the problem. They were pretty quick to address the bootability issue, so maybe a fix is already in the works.
seeze Oct 20, 1999 04:27 PM
dude get a g4 man....
interloper Feb 15, 2001 02:29 PM
It's a valid question, seeze, whereas your snipe has nothing to do anything remotely related to this topic. Crawl back to your Pentium, post haste.

sphxm -- If it boots only when the car is out, regardless of software, you've got my problem. In my case I'm trying the NuBus Jackhammer on a Quadra and get a sad Mac right after the video wakes up.

Kat122 -- How were they addressing the "bootability issue"? The maker, FWB, sold the Jackhammer line to Hammer Storage, which is gone. There is no manufacturer to ask.
interloper Feb 15, 2001 02:34 PM
Just found this via Google, maybe you've already seen it:

"JackHammer SCSI cards no longer compatible - or rather the problem is a little more complex than that. With virtual memory enabled you can boot the Mac into OS 9 but the drives attached to the card will not automatically mount, you must use the mounting utility that comes with your disk formating software. However, boot with virtual memory off and the Mac will refuse to boot until you remove the SCSI card from it's PCI slot"

That was from a guy using a B&W G3, too.
nipsy Mar 26, 2001 01:39 PM
I have a 9600 which I boot from a RAID striped across 2 Jackhammers. Go to for the 1.4.5 control panel, and flash the Jackammer ROM.

Now if only I could get Linux to see them, so that I could boot MacOnLinux, inside Linux, running 9.1 on the striped RAID while Linux sits on top...
BertC Apr 3, 2001 11:02 AM
Will this card and CP work on a 733 G4? I still have the Jackhammer card installed on the PPC8500, thought I would do some research before moving it to the G4.
Forgetfull Apr 25, 2001 08:27 PM
Thanks for directing everyone to that update nipsy (very difficult to find otherwise - FWB/Streamlogic/Hammer having changed hands so frequently). I haven't had to tinker with this thing in ages... REMIND ME HOW TO DO A ROM UPDATE...? ( I vaguely remember needing to do some keystroke in combination with the control panel, but alas I can't find my documentation. HELP!

Reply with a post or (even better) email Thanks!

[QUOTE]Originally posted by nipsy:
[B]I have a 9600 which I boot from a RAID striped across 2 Jackhammers. Go to for the 1.4.5 control panel, and flash the Jackammer ROM.

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