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rick Oct 17, 1999 05:04 PM
Mult Users - computer lab
I know multiple users supports authentication via network "Macintosh Manager" accounts, but I've found very little information about them.

Does anyone know if OS X server is required for the accounts, or if there is some way to use a linux server to store the authentication info? Does apple provide any info on how the authentication works, so one could write a linux macintosh manager server?

(I help manage computer centers, we have a mac login program which we'd love to replace with OS9's Mulitple Users, but we keep our user info on our linux file/print servers).

rick cox
gmsmith Oct 18, 1999 12:45 AM

I have been asking this question since the release of OS X Server. I am completely and utterly frustrated with Apple and their release of MacManager.

We as I gather you do, run a central password file, that it would be great to authenticate against. It would make complete sense to do so, but no...there is no current way of doing so. I have talked to Apple System Engineers, Apple Developers, and so on who have talked to the people "who take care of this stuff" and have been told that MacManager keeps its own user database (seperate from NetInfo even). And currently there is no way to tie that into NIS, LDAP, what have you.

There is however a release of MacOS X Server that is coming up here shortly. Version 1.2, I haven't seen one official word from Apple regarding it, but have seen order forms for the upgrade. There is no information as to what the upgrade entails (I am sure G4 support, but maybe it will go beyond that).

scott Oct 18, 1999 06:51 PM
This conversation really belongs in the OS X section of the forums, but...

Last time I checked, Mac OS X Server does not use /etc/passwd to store usernames -- either natively or MacManager. As a result, it probably cannot authenticate against NIS, NIS+, LDAP etc.

Which isn't too surprising. Mac OS X Server's remote romaing login and Mac OS 9's multiple users seem to approach things from drastically different angles -- at least in my opinion.

Mac OS X Server is, at the very beginning of its product cycle, so it's not surprising that you're wishing for features that do not exist. I have quite a few features I'd like to see as well.

You may want to inquire further at is MacNN's repository of Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server info.

- Scott

Scott Stevenson
Contributing Editor,

iBeige Oct 21, 1999 08:21 PM
Anyone look at ANAT and AppleShare IP?

Supports up to 10,000 users. I'm pretty sure this is the user/group file that OS9 would use from a server.

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