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anony Oct 17, 1999 07:59 PM
Type 3 Error
Hey, I've noticed that ever since I've upgraded to MacOS 9 sometimes my applications will quit with a Type 3 error. Netscape Navigator, QuakeFinder, Snak, Adobe Imageready, and Internet Explorer have all done this. Any ideas?
wlonh Oct 18, 1999 02:21 AM
type 3 error is an 'illegal instruction' error, unless Apple has changed that error number designation in OS 9. (are you using the OS 9 GM?) so it ostensibly means that there is perhaps a compatibility issue but maybe...

i do have an idea: try giving your troublesome app's a bit more RAM... maybe a meg or two. more in the case of netscape, if you can spare the RAM give netscape 18-22Megs or more even...

won't hurt, could help. OS 9 is too new for me yet, i have not run even a beta of it so i am guessing here, but MacOS 8.6 was giving trouble to some, i think it was type 2 errors and the recommendation was to increase the RAM allocation to the 'problem' app's... who knows, try it.
Gregory Oct 18, 1999 04:17 PM
Another thing to play with is the new version of MacsBug (sans the system prefs which often cause crash immediately on startup) to find out if there is any information in the stdlog that will help pinpoint the cause.

Starting off with ONLY OS 9 and then gradually adding extensions, esp. this early in the game, goes without saying while cutting and bleeding edge of early adopters of any OS look for land mines and rocks.

peter Oct 18, 1999 05:49 PM
I've been getting Type 3 errors with Netscape for awhile and I'm currently running 8.6. I also started getting Type 2 errors with Netscape but found that if I re-launched Netscape they wouldn't occur. When they still occured, I'd launch something else then re-launch Netscape. Most of the time this would put me in a good memory location and it would launch.
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