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harry_b Dec 14, 2000 02:59 AM
can you install both 9.0 and 8.1?
Is it possible to install both os's on a mac and upon startup select the one you want to use? I know you can partition the drive and select the drive. Can the computer be set to select the OS 9 extensions or 8.1 on the start up extensions window? How would I set it so the extension selection window comes up automatically on start up?

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Gregory Dec 14, 2000 08:12 AM
9.1 does that better. New Macs that can use the Option key to select on startup. Conflict Catcher 8 somewhat. Due to differences in the two - be careful. Partition is better than not. Separate drives - but 8.1 may mess up 9.1 or not see it.
darkstranger Dec 15, 2000 09:30 PM
8.1-8.6 are both compatible versions of the mac OS that can be installed alongside 9.04.
I don't use 8.1 but I do have 8.6 and 9.04 as well as OSX running on my Beige G3.
Partitioning is recommended with a seperate (bootable) volume for each OS.
If you only have one hard drive there are a lot of advantages to setting up 2 system folders.
Saves wear and tear on your System/Repair Utility CDs................

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snippet-pacoman Dec 28, 2000 07:21 AM

It is possible to do what you want. There is a small utility that comes with MkLinux and others called xBoot. It may be possible with a little tweeking (or alot) to modify it to switch between 9 and 8.

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