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tonewheel Dec 16, 2000 11:12 AM
Disk First Aid 8.6
Downloaded and ran 8.6 yesterday. It found problems with the "System Wrapper" on both of my hard drive partitions (OS9 and OSx), fixed the problem, re-ran DFA and no problems. Question: what did it find and repair? I have never seen the term System Wrapper (and the old DFA never found this problem...if it is a "problem".)
spicyjeff Dec 16, 2000 11:32 AM
This was a bug OS 9 introduced. Most volumes that ran OS 9 will have this error and should be repaired by DFA 8.6. Keep in mind only DFA 8.6 can fix this error.

The System Wrapper is refering to the HFS/HFS+ configuration of the disk. I believe the way it works is that the disk is HFS with an HFS+ wrapper so it maintains backward compatibility.
Gregory Dec 17, 2000 08:07 AM
If you erase a volume from the Finder in 9.0.4, then run DFA you'll see the error also. Also, fresh initialize drive, volumes show the problem.

Seems that it lends to major problem with Drive Setup and Finder.

When I reinstalled OS X I didn't let it erase the (empty) volume, later went back and installing OS X didn't at least introduce a problem. (But still can NOT switch back to my OS 9.0.4 system, had to command-option-shift-delete to get back).
WDL Dec 17, 2000 09:17 AM
Spicey jeff:

Just the other way around - wraps HFS+ with HFS so that non + systems can recognize the data.

BTW - it's only for OS 9.x U.S. at the moment.

David Ryeburn Dec 17, 2000 02:42 PM
It's only been tested with OS 9 and above, according to the Apple blurb. But it works fine on our PowerMac 7600 running OS 8.6, on our PowerBook 1400 with Newer Tech G3 card running OS 8.1, and (believe it or not) it also works fine on our Quadra 700 running OS 8.1. All three of these computers have HFS, not HFS+, formatted hard disks. I have yet to find an updated DFA version that hasn't worked on these older machines.
Spheric Harlot Dec 17, 2000 09:54 PM
Originally posted by David Ryeburn:
It's only been tested with OS 9 and above, according to the Apple blurb. I have yet to find an updated DFA version that hasn't worked on these older machines.
I believe the relevant part was OS 9.0.x U.S. - meaning no international version yet.

This, in my experience, has never been a problem, since DFA doesn't muck with the system. The hard drive structure doesn't really care what language your cussing at it in.

RAMdrd Dec 17, 2000 10:10 PM
As David Ryeburn stated, DFA 8.6 runs fine on OS 8.6. While it may have been designed to be installed in 9.0.4, I just dragged the DFA app to my preferred folder.

But after all, it is just DFA. While it may repair the Wrapper issue, it has seldom fixed anything else for me. I must defer to the Big Three (DiskWarrior, Norton's, and TechTool Pro) if I actually need something fixed.

But since DFA always comforms to the Hippocratic Oath of OSs, it doesn't seem to hurt to upgrade.
Brett5 Dec 18, 2000 03:52 AM
While the later versions of Disk First Aid may appear to work or work with earlier versions of the OS, Apple docs note that later versions of Disk First Aid uses the xxxx manager in the OS. Earlier versions of the OS may not have an identical xxxx manager.

Can't remember what the manager name was (i.e., xxxx).
pastusza Dec 21, 2000 12:05 PM
Does anyone know why both Norton Utilities and Techtool Pro fail to detect this System Wrapper error?

Andy Pastuszak
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