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tooki Dec 16, 2000 12:20 PM
Apple Beta Testing
I just found this:

Anyone can sign up, but you do have to sign and mail them an NDA.

dklaproth Dec 17, 2000 01:20 AM
Thanks. I just signed up.
exa Dec 17, 2000 12:09 PM
Curses, must be 18 years old, well I don't really want to mess with this, I don't want to know the concequences of my actions if I sign up...
tooki Dec 17, 2000 02:03 PM
Well, I doubt they would do anything, but I think the reason is that a contract (in this case the NDA) entered into by a minor may not hold up in court.

baliset Dec 17, 2000 06:01 PM
I registered for this program some time ago and have not had a single response from Apple ever since. I consider myself to be a Mac veteran with a mix of skills & testing resources that not everyone has. I also care enough about the Mac to have wanted to provide detailed feedback about whatever Apple wanted to send me.

You would assume that anyone that chose to register at the Appleseed site is also saying something about what they feel about the platform. After all, our time is valuable, and if anyone was actually offering me their skills and time to test beta product, even if I couldn't use them right now, I'd at least trip over myself to send them a "thank you" for offering.

I've made comments like these in various MacOSX forums (fori?)- Apple needs to embrace its faithful. Apple needs its faithful. Any more of this "my way or the highway approach" and a lot of people will go cold on offering their support.

Nathan Zamprogno,
Manager, Baliset Solutions
voorheesj Dec 17, 2000 06:26 PM
Do you have to pay anything to become a member?
jlbanker Dec 17, 2000 06:52 PM
My problem is with the sign up process is that my ibook firewire wasn't on the list... I ended up saying none of these and I am hoping they will read the comments and see that I have 192 megs of ram. Well I do have a bondi too so they may see it on the list.
cstew Dec 17, 2000 09:12 PM
Originally posted by voorheesj:
Do you have to pay anything to become a member?
It says that there is no cost
Phaedrus Dec 17, 2000 10:43 PM
Cool, thanks for the tip! I just submitted my application. I'll test software for Apple anytime, as long as they don't charge me to test it for them <ahem> OSX PB <cough>.

[This message has been edited by Phaedrus (edited 12-17-2000).]
Cipher13 Dec 18, 2000 06:08 AM
Yeah, no cost.
I signed up years ago, no word yet :\

Don Pedro Dec 18, 2000 02:38 PM
Oh, please.

Like anyone wants the Public Beta so they can "help Apple test OS X."

People buy the Public Beta because they want the incredible features the new OS has to offer before it's finished. That is what they're paying for.
tooki Dec 18, 2000 04:08 PM
Uhhh, just which "incredible features" are you talking about? No real-world apps are available as Carbon or Cocoa apps, and so they can't take advantage of SMP, preemptive mulittasking, etc. And from reader responses, the Aqua Finder still needs a lot of work...

kingturd Dec 19, 2000 12:04 PM
Actually, what you're signing up for is to be a VERY low end beta tester. If you want free copies of OS X Public Beta or other Operating System, you want to be a developer, and that costs anywhere from 500 to 5000 dollars, depending on the status you want. I am in the process of mailing my form out (and have been for the past two months.. I'm lazy) but my friend who showed it to me has already been accepted. He received an email confirmation, and later he received a build of QuickTime 5 PR2 (and early build, before PR2 was actually public). I'm not sure if you will receive email notification, but you can log in to apple's developer page with the name and password you were given and they will have more information there.
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