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Richard Pinneau Dec 17, 2000 07:34 PM
Help! Last-ditch floppy help?
I was SURE I could help a friend get some text files off an "unrecognizeable" floppy.
But it won't be seen by Drive Setup, Norton 5, Norton 6 (using Option-insert, even), or Disk Warrior.
Is there ANY way for me look at this 1.4Meg mac disk byte-by-byte so I can at least let this poor college student recover SOME of her text files in ASCII at least?
I sure appreciate it!
ValVashon Dec 18, 2000 01:05 PM
I don't know what you are using to read this drive, but many of the newer drives (such as the VST USB floppy drive I have connected to the iMac) won't read the 800kb formatted disks. If this is what the format of this disk is, you will have to find an older machine to read it, such as a Powerbook 500 or something of that vintage.

Richard Pinneau Dec 18, 2000 02:18 PM
hmmm thanks for suggestion.
i've been using the Apple Floppy Drive that came with my Wallstreet PB.
I don't have much else, except an old LCIII with some old system that prob wouldn't accept newer repair utilities. But it's worth a try to see if it'll be read!
About TechTools... anybody?...
I noticed the version I downloaded said nothing about disk repair.
Then I noticed their prompt to BUY TechTools Pro...
but no details about what it's supposed to be able to achieve.
WDL Dec 19, 2000 12:18 AM
TechTool Pro (3.0.2) does what DiskWarrior and Plus Optimizer do - but in addition
does many other things as well.

I have both DiskWarrior (comes with Plus Optimizer) and TechTool Pro - but if I could only
have one - it would be TTP.

If you go over to MacFixit forums, (usually in the Troubleshooting Software section) you'll see Tech 3
from Micromat is a very active participant, giving assistance to many about a variety of things,
not just TTP.

Very impressive.

Richard Pinneau Dec 20, 2000 08:57 AM
I'm getting Pro.
I believe in spending the bucks to support guys who support us.
Hope it can *magic* the floppy at the same time.
snippet-pacoman Dec 28, 2000 07:39 AM

Sorry to say that disk is dead. Whatever you do, buy something more robust than Techtool, I have it. Norton 6 is fairly good.

tooki Dec 28, 2000 06:34 PM
I completely disagree, on two things:

1. I don't like Norton. Use either TTP or my fave, DiskWarrior.
2. I don't think the disk is dead.

You said the drive is the Wallstreet PowerBook floppy drive. PowerBook floppy drives are notorious for being finicky about less-than-pristine disks. I recommend you try the drive in a desktop Mac (not a PowerBook drive, not a USB floppy or Superdisk drive).

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