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Sjakelien Dec 18, 2000 04:59 AM
Classic behavior like VPC
One of the things I like about VPC, is that when you quit it, you can just save the current state of your Virtual PC's memory. Next time when you startup VPC, you don't have to go through the whole Windows startup sequence. This is faster and quite convenient, because all your currrent documents are still open, etc.
I love OSX and the fact that I can run all my 'old' stuff. Honestly, I would be running ONLY OSX , if all the software that I need would be carbonized / cocoa-ed. One of the major draw backs of Classic is the fact that it takes a while to startup, during which process the rest of OSX slows down tremendously. I remember, that there used to be an option in one of the beta's of a recent OS 9 seed, that you could actually 'save memory to disk' upon sleep. As far as I understand, this feature never made it to the final release.
Basically, this is just exactly what we would want for classic: a snapshot of it's latest use, to speed up things.
Is anybody out there who agrees, or could tell me why this is nonsense?
oscar Dec 18, 2000 06:29 AM
I wouldnt be too superised if apple is saving this for release. If not, im sure a third party app could maybe do it.

-See Yea!
yoyo52 Dec 18, 2000 06:16 PM
I think it's a great idea. By the way, I hadn't used my OS Xpartition for a while, and did last night. I love it too, and can't wait for everything to be carbon- or cocoa-ized.
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