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ethan79 Dec 18, 2000 01:13 PM
hi .... i am a new Mac user ... and i read bout the need for softwares like techtool .... i have techtool installed in my ibook ....

i would like to know how to check what version of the techtool i have in my harddisk for i am unable to check the version ....
mine only shows ... " techtool®protection 1998 MICROMAT COMPUTER INC " .... so which version issit ?

I would like to upgrade to version 3 .... if mine is not ...
i heard that version 3 is quite problematic.
Is it giving alot of problems ?
Or should i just install norton utilities 5. which i have with me.

Thank you for your valuable advice
From a totally new mac user.
Art D Dec 18, 2000 03:45 PM
Hi ethan79,

You should be able to highlight (click once, don't launch) the TechTool application icon. Then, from the File menu, choose "Get Info > General Information". The same is true of the TechTool Protection control panel icon.

Art D

PS - I forgot to mention that the latest version of TechTool Pro is 3.0.2. I have both 3.0.1 and the newer 3.0.2 versions and have never experienced any problem with either one.

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WDL Dec 18, 2000 04:10 PM
Have had all the versions of TechTool Pro over the past several years - 3.0.2 is the best.

Have had no problems.

One thing I do when installing a major utility like this is to remove all traces of the previous version
before installing the new one.

One added benefit of using TechTool Pro - if you go over to the MacFixit forum, especially in the
Troubleshooting Software section, you'll see that Micromat Tech 3 is a very active participant
assisting people - and not just about TechTool, but many things.

Works for me.

yoyo52 Dec 18, 2000 06:10 PM
I've used TechTools Pro since I got my iMac two years ago, and swear by it. There's been only one time when it couldn't fix what DiskWarrior could. One note of caution, though, the newer versions, with virus protection, can (and in my case have) conflicted with Norton AntiVirus, so much so that I've had to delete the TTP extension.
Fredo Dec 18, 2000 06:53 PM
I use TechTool Pro 3.02 and Norton 5.0. (And Diskwarrior) If you already own Norton, you may as well install it. Speed Disk, the defrag application is better than TechTool optimizer (in my opinion). Use both utilities, and Diskwarrior, and you'll keep tour iMac running optimally.
ethan79 Dec 18, 2000 07:09 PM
Thank you all for your fast response ....

The problem is that i cannot find the techtool Folder even after i use sherlock to search for the files ...
i can only find the application program, and i can only find the techtool on the apple icon on the top left hand of the screen on the control panels ... where i see the techtool®protection.

What is the problem ... the techtool can run and execute ...
but there is no folder for it ... so do i have incomplete of the techtool ?
Do all of you feel that i should delete it and install norton utilities 5 instead ?

Thank you.
Fredo Dec 18, 2000 10:30 PM
Look in extension manager in control panels. It's listed as "protection extension...Utilicus Maximus". The icon has a shield with a little screwdriver on it. It is not listed under TechTool. You can also look in your system folder in the control panels folder. In there it's listed as "TechTool Protection". If you have the application, you can run it.
MacMatt Dec 18, 2000 10:47 PM
Since you are a new Mac user, you may be missing a few of the things you can do with your Mac. For instance, when you open Sherlock and click the Find File tab and type in the word TechTool, and click Find, you should get a list of every file and folder with TechTool in its name. Now notice the little triangle in the lower left corner of the Sherlock window...when you click on it, it should toggle from pointing right to pointing down...when it's pointing down, you have another window section displayed. Highlighting a file or folder in the upper section will cause the lower section to display its location...just follow the stairstep progression.

Sure hope this helps...

There are probably upgrades to your version you have not yet gotten...the latest update to your version is probably 2.5.5. I would recommend downloading and installing it. To go to version 3.x requires more cash. I am still using 2.5.5 with OS 8.6 and it works fine. I also use an older version of Norton's(v4.0). It also still works fine with my OS. And, as another writer does, I have DiskWarrior. I like all three of these utilities,,,each seems to do something better than the others.

If I were to keep only one of these utilities, I guess it would be TechTool Pro...but I would turn off all the protection features.

Cheers, Matt

yoyo52 Dec 19, 2000 12:02 AM
Totally ignorant guess here, but I wonder if what you have is TechTools Pro or the utility that, as I understand it, Apple now bundles with its software package. Did you use a TTP installer disk to install the application? If you didn't, then it's probably not TechTools Pro. You can order the application from or from any web store.

I second what others said about having more than one disk utility, by the way.

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WDL Dec 19, 2000 12:10 AM
Think it through before you decide to disable TechTool Protection.

There are two outstanding features:

Trash Cache - but you should configure it to suit what you want - mine is set for 20 items - 5 megs -
2 days, so it can't get large and is constantly replacing items. This feature allows you to recover
something you trash and then change your mind about.

The other feature about Protection is that it is constantly mapping your system and files in case
you have a disaster and want to recover them.

Very valuable indeed.

ethan79 Dec 19, 2000 05:48 AM
hi .. yoyo52 .. i do not have the TTP installer, even after using sherlock, i cannot find it.

Macmatt, well .. the problem is ... there is not even a folder for me to open up, i can only see application program, preference file and alias.

WDL .... the strange thing is .... there is not preference i can set ...
except for setting whether for the techtool to run when startup, when shutdown or after 15 minutes of inactivity and .. save to all protected drive or save to local drive ... and the frequency of running the program. that is all the settings or preferences i can configure ...

well .... guess i will leave the techtool untouch till i get my hands on the ver 3. and thanks to all of you for sharing your experience about the wonderful of having several utility program on the computer to safe guard it ....Well ... guess i will be installing my norton utilities 5 soon ....

Fredo ... thanks for uR wonderful guidance ... finally found out the version of my techtool ... and it a pathetic version 2.0.2
Well ... now that i know it is so backward ..... guess i need to install my norton utilities and purchase the later version and also diskwarrior

thank you all for the help.

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MacMatt Dec 19, 2000 11:40 AM
I'll try again...I must not have been very clear.

After you open Sherlock and see the window with the TechTool application program, alias, and
Preferences,click on the application program to highlight it.

Now, for the part I think you're missing, there is a small triangle in the lower left hand corner which
is probably pointing toward the on it and see what happens.

ethan79 Dec 19, 2000 02:39 PM
MacMatt ... thanks .... but i cannot find the triangle ... why ???

check with you ... the triangle appears because it is a folder ???

i tried to look for any triangle in the sherlock 2 ... but i cannot find any.
( even after i have typed in techtool for the search )
Fredo Dec 19, 2000 02:46 PM
ethan79, Don't get alarmed that you "cannot find the triangle" because there is no triangle in Sherlock 2. MacMatt must have Sherlock 1.
To locate files in Sherlock 2, all you need to do is highlight the file and it automatically shows you where they are.
Hang in there, and keep trying...I like your enthusiasm!

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MacMatt Dec 19, 2000 02:55 PM
Sorry ethan79, Fredo is correct.

It's a good feature in my version...surely version 2 must have the same capabilities.

Oops! I see Fredo has already described how.


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ethan79 Dec 19, 2000 03:13 PM
Hi Fredo and MacMatt.... thank you ...

Well ... i got my worries cleared ... haha... coz this is the 6th day in my life using a machintosh ... so there are bound to be lots of questions and helplessness...

Well ... yah ... i know how to locate the locations of the files using sherlock 2 ... as it show the location at the bottom of the sherlock 2.

Well ... yesh i will keep up the enthusiasm .. coz i really like the ibook alot ... and itz my first laptop ...

the other reason is ... machintosh users are rare in my country...
seems like everyone is using windows ... even i got 2 windows desktop in my house. And NONE ... i mean NONE ... of the friends or their friends that i know of uses machintosh ...

So far over here ... machintosh is mainly used for graphics and designing related firms ... so i have no means of getting advice from them ... and phew ... i am glad that i chanced onto this forum where i can post my queries and have you helpful people out there to help me out .

Ethan (o_0)
yoyo52 Dec 19, 2000 03:40 PM
I still think that you don't have TechTools Pro. That's why you can't find a folder for the application. So if you want TTP, you need to buy it, and as others have said, it and a second disk utility (DiskWarrior is tops) are pretty essential to have.

And don't worry about there not being a lot of Mac users in your country. When you bought your iBook you actually became a citizen of Mac country. There're a lot of us here

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ethan79 Dec 19, 2000 03:45 PM
Thank you yoyo52.....

Yeap ... since i bought the ibook ... i have been coming to this forum everyday ....

Thank you everyone out there for helping out.
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