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TJMartin42 Dec 18, 2000 10:13 PM
9.0.4 won't restart-can't quit application
I can't my PM 8500/180 with 9.0.4 to restart anymore. System complains that a process is running that can't be quit, so I have to use three-finger salute to restart (after carefully dismounting all my ext. disks). I used MacKnife to list my processes, but everything seems benign. One hint: complaint about OTTCPDM (push) when I tried something I can't replicate. Will Conflict Catcher help here?
Misha Dec 19, 2000 07:20 AM
If you force quit the Finder beforehand, does that help? My guess is that it's a system file that the Finder is using, which is making the Finder unable to quit (assuming that you are correct in stating that you have no other processes running).
TJMartin42 Dec 20, 2000 03:23 PM
I can force the finder to quit , then restart. (System crashes because of a problem w/ Behierarchic.) As long as I avoid doing anything TCP/IP related, system will restart fine. Confirms that OT TCPDM is somehow involved in this.
NateG4 Dec 20, 2000 03:32 PM
Are you using a 3rd party utility called A-Dock by chance? I installed the newest version (released sometime last week) and this exact same thing happened to me every time on my G4/400 (gigabit). A-Dock was the culprit in the background and I could not force kill it to save my life. Haven't emailed the author yet. Who know's...that's about all I can offer. Good luck!
TJMartin42 Dec 20, 2000 08:49 PM
**YES** that's exactly what I changed!! I'll experiment next week (when back in the office). I'm sure that's the culprit.
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