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Stella Dec 19, 2000 12:50 AM
getting smaller and smaller and smaller !
It's not that extreme but still I'm like Alice in Wonderland...
First I have to say that my english is not my native language and I'm not a nerdette yet, so...
I have a problem. I have my MacOs9 strawberry now for 2 months and we were happy until something happened and I thought it was necessary to use the wipe/install cd, which I did and everything was ok. But when I went to go on the web again I noticed something strange had happened to the explorer pictograms on top of the frame: they are half as big as they used to be and the text under it is unreadable. Also the URL spacebar has shrunk and I cannot read the adress
in it. I can use all the facilities though. It looks like some compressing power has worked on it. I don't think it's a preference option. At first I thought this is a microsoft explorer problem but in the control-panel sound, where you can record new sounds, there the text under pause, play etc. looks the same and is unreadable. Finally in AppleWorks, after choosing a document-option, the text runs fast before getting there, that text is unreadable too. The text I'm typing now also looks strange actually, but maybe this is normal...Above all I want to be able to read the URLs, and the text at the bottom of the same frame.
Do you know how I can solve this ? That would be nice...
Thanks for being interested, bye!
JonoG4 Dec 19, 2000 08:36 AM
Hi, try going to the apple menu, then to control panels, then to appearance. After in Apperance click on the Font tab. You can adjust your font settings accordingly there. Hope that helps!
ethan79 Dec 19, 2000 11:23 AM
Hi Stella ... well ... i suggest u try to build up uR ibook ...

the other time i had something wrong with my ibook and used the restore CD ... there was also something wrong with my I.E ... and then i tried to build up the desktop and then everything turn out fine.

Ermm ... a suggestion from a totally new Machintosh user, hope that it does help.
spicyjeff Dec 19, 2000 02:03 PM

Rebuilding your desktop won't do much good in this case but can't hurt so to do this start your computer while holding donw the option and apple keys together. When it asks you if you want to rebuild let go of the keys and do it.

To fix explorer, download a new copy here, and install it.
Stella Dec 19, 2000 02:55 PM
Hi, Stella again here...
I tried all the font-options there are several times...
I just tried the desktop-restore and it didn't bring any change...
And I thought about getting Explorer again but how can it be that the same compressed text appears in a control-panel and appleworks when it is only an Explorer-default?
Should I make a new Os9 installation again? (I hope not!)
This is my first topic in the forum and is very nice to get replies...
ethan79 Dec 19, 2000 03:21 PM
Hi Stella ...

Ermm ... the solution for a machintosh ignorant like me will suggest that u reinstall the browser again .. if it does not work ...

..... then u maybe can try using the restore CD and then choose the settings which save the existing files on uR harddisk to a folder ( named original folder by default ) ... and then when the restore is done ... then u just drag out the files that u want to have in your harddisk and trash the remaining unwanted files.

If you do not want the hassle, just restore over the existing and those files that are not in the CD to be left untouched.

Because i am a new machintosh user and no friends who use machintosh to teach me ... i resort to this to fix the problem ...
so far so good ...

This is one thing i like about machintosh ... there is no need to format everything on the harddisk when problem crops up ...

If you are pressing for time ... u may try as i suggested coz it works for me .... or maybe u will like to wait for the experts to post the advice and remedies..

Fredo Dec 19, 2000 04:44 PM
Hi Stella, and welcome to the fora!
I'm not quite sure what is causing your problem, but I think I may have at least a partial solution. This applies only to Internet Explorer 5.0.
Open Explorer, and go to the menu at the top. Select "view." Select "Customize toolbars." Drag the "larger" and "smaller" icons to the toolbar. Now, when you need to enlarge text in Explorer, just click the "larger" icon in the toolbar.
This only works if you're in Explorer. Hope this helps.
Cipher13 Dec 19, 2000 06:32 PM
Go to the Appearance control panel, located in the Control Panels folder, which you can access from the Apple Menu.
Along the top, click on the "fonts" tab.
Make sure the "Views" font is set to size 10, or larger, and set the three fonts along the left to Techno, Geneva and Geneva.
Those are my settings, that will get it back to a normal level. From there change it to whatever you like.
I think one of those fonts is the problem, but I could be wrong.
Give it a try.

Stella Dec 19, 2000 07:39 PM
Hi All...
Thanks for your reactions!
But I still cannot read where I'm heading...
More info: the URL-space ITSELF also is half the size...And the pctograms are so small that they take only half of the lenghth of the bar.
And all my fonts are set at least 12...
Idea's ??
yoyo52 Dec 19, 2000 09:26 PM
This is probably not it, but it can't hurt to ask: what do you have your iMac monitor's resolution set to? I think the default for iMacs is 800x600. Anything higher than that will make it difficult to read text and to see icons on the 15" screen.

[This message has been edited by yoyo52 (edited 12-19-2000).]
Stella Dec 20, 2000 03:05 PM
yoyo52 Dec 20, 2000 05:41 PM
Sorry my suggestion didn't help--really didn't think it would. I've been trying to reproduce your symptoms, but haven't been able to do it. Have you tried to get rid of all the IE stuff on your HD (you can save the favorites document and substitute it for the new one when you reinstall) and then reinstalling? Although it sounds as if it's not just IE that's the problem. Maybe another clean install of the system is in order? Let us know what happens.
tonymac Dec 20, 2000 07:48 PM
Try starting up with the extensions disabled. Hold down "Shift" as the computer starts up. When you see "Extensions Disabled" you can release the shift key. Since you're having the same problem in multiple applications, it sounds like the screen resolution is different of there are fonts missing. Open your system folder and then open the Fonts folder. What files do you see there? Next go to the Apple menu, choose the Control Panels submenu and open the Monitors control panel. What is the resolution set to? It should be either 800x600, 1024x768 or 640x480. Try setting it to the next lowest value and see if the problem improves.

Richard Pinneau Dec 20, 2000 11:37 PM
Hi Stella,
Can you give us some more info?
Can you confirm that it is only in AppleWorks and Explorer...
And in those affected applications.... is EVERYTHING shrunk, or just certain graphics and features?
Whatabout the Finder's desktop... anything or everything there wrong?
Stella Dec 20, 2000 11:40 PM SOLVED!!!

Hi, Stella here.............pfffffffff , and that for a beginner...........But i'm happy now!
Ok , what did I do : I followed Fredo's advice and downloaded Explorer 5. I was not sure how to do that but couldn't wait for help and did what I thought was good, I got it, liked it, the new look of it and so, but........same thing: unreadable text, little icons, one improvement: the URL-space had the normal size. So then for heavensake the clean-install....the "iMac for dummies" on my lap (D.Pogue got me here on the forum also); and that worked out fine.........Everything as it should be.
After that I went to check my mail (free mail-server), there I saw I got new mail from Fredo and Tony but I couldn't get in my mailbox; it turned out that that mail-server has diffilculties with Explorer 5......
Well I don't need them but I would have liked to send a message to Fredo and Tony. I hope you read this instead: much thanks !
And much thanks to all of you x
Stella Dec 20, 2000 11:45 PM

P.S. to Richard,
It was just like I said.......strange wasn't it?
thanks for your reaction...
Cipher13 Dec 21, 2000 02:47 AM
Originally posted by Stella:
the "iMac for dummies" on my lap (D.Pogue got me here on the forum also); and that worked out fine.........Everything as it should be.
If you find a solution for a problem, please post the solution for others who may also run into that problem...
Was it the clean install that fixed it or a solution in "iMac for dummies"?
Um... David Pogue advocated this particular forum? Cool
Or am I just sorta out of it tonight?

CaseCom Dec 21, 2000 05:02 AM
Originally posted by Cipher13:
Um... David Pogue advocated this particular forum? Cool

We're "an excellent source of expert, volunteered help answers"!
Cipher13 Dec 21, 2000 05:31 AM
Hey, very cool stuff
I wonder which member is Mr. Pogue

tonymac Dec 21, 2000 08:27 AM
Cool. We're famous.

Regarding the issue with your email account: Did you also update to Outlook Express 5 or are you still using the 4.5 version? You could also try the free version of Eudora. Search at or
Stella Dec 21, 2000 07:23 PM

I keep coming back, it's so cosey here........
I said solved but offcourse I didn't analyse it, I'm just glad the problem disappeared...But the clean-install did it, that's for sure. And that's why I needed the dummie-book... (Hi David -?-, I hope I grow out of your book one day).
Maybe it was a font-thing after all, although I think I tried everything; a font I removed out of the old system-folder or something, but that should have been replaceable...?(is this still english?)
Well, I want to celebrate christmas now...
Merry christmas everybody !
o, yes tony, I will get outlook 5 when I'm convinced it's really better...
Gorilla in the Shell Dec 28, 2000 02:03 PM
My advice is to download Internet Explorer 4.5

your problem could easily be the character set in the view menu
or something has corrupted your Mac's resources.
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