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BLKessler Feb 7, 2000 12:14 PM
File sharing kills performance
I've got a strange problem, and I've no idea how to fix it. My system is a PowerBook G3 series (Wall Street) running MacOS 9.0, with 192MB of RAM. My wife's computer is a Umax C600 running MacOS 8.6, with 80MB of RAM. They're connected via a Kingston 8-port Ethernet hub (10BaseT), along with our networked HP laser printer.

Both machines work great individually. Both machines share files flawlessly. The problem is that when I put a disk into my DVD drive, with file sharing turned on, the performance on my computer slows to a crawl. It doesn't matter if the disk is a CD-ROM or an audio CD; as soon as the disk is inserted, performance suddenly feels like a 30MHz machine, not a 300MHz machine.

Anybody else seen this? Extension conflict, maybe? Help!

Herr Newton Feb 10, 2000 02:33 AM
If I remember correctly, FileSharing is attempting to share the CD. The only solutin I can suggest is toggling FileSharing when you need to use the CD.
BLKessler Feb 10, 2000 08:10 AM
I thought of that too, but the only thing I've set up to be shared is a single folder on a single partition of my hard drive.

I'll give it another shot, but I don't think that's it.
tadd Feb 10, 2000 09:12 PM
After you insert the CD, check and see if that drive is shared. If it is, unshare it and see what happens? I just turned on sharing on my PowerTower (os9) here and then inserted a CDROM. Sharing on the CDROM was NOT on although I was able to share it when I tried, so it isn't a 'always defaults ON' issue.

I almost always have file sharing turned off on my macs (my wife and I and daughter and my office have Macs of varying vintages). The only one with file sharing on is the PowerTower in my office which only gets used by me (I'm more tollerant of instability and intermittent performance than the others in the fambly). Each of the other more modern computers mounts the basement machine's drive at boot time. The only rub is that I HAVE to keep the PowerTower up all the time and that ends up costing at least $10/month for power, maybe more. Eventually laptops with ethernet ports will get down to cheap enough and one of those will become my 'server'. $120/year adds up but not enough to buy a powerbook!!

Tadd Torborg
BLKessler Feb 11, 2000 08:50 AM
After playing around a bit more, as it turns out, the name of this topic isn't accurate. The system slowdowns don't have anything to do with file sharing, apparently. [Here's where it gets long.]

Remember the game Spaceward Ho! by Delta Tao? My wife and I still play it across our 10BaseT network all the time. The game runs fine, and the system works fine. Once I insert a CD-ROM or an audio CD, things in the game that used to take three seconds suddenly take twenty or so.

At this point, the whole system is slow. And furthermore, as it turns out, this slowdown problem happens even when file sharing is not enabled, and I'm playing the game by myself! All it takes is the insertion of a CD, and performance goes into the toilet. Grrr....
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