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Storyboy Dec 19, 2000 12:27 PM
Apparent changes in System suitcase?!?
Hey, there,

I make periodic backups of my HD using Retrospect Express--which, by the way is a fantastic product--and the program does incremental backups by default, copying only the files that have changed since the last backup.

Occasionally, the "System" suitcase is backed-up, as though it had been changed, and I wondering what normal, day-to-day procedures change that particular file. Certainly, it must be involved in most everything that goes on with the machine, right? If so, why does it not get marked for back-up every time?


PS: I am posting this to the MacOS forum, because it does not see to be a question limited to my use of Retrospect. Please re-direct me if there is a better place.

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spicyjeff Dec 19, 2000 02:05 PM
Yes the System suitcase is modified during normal use. It is not limited to using any particular application such as Retrospect. Why this happens though I do not know. Hopefully someone else will have that answer.
snippet-pacoman Dec 28, 2000 07:51 AM

The system file is modified tons during normal operation. Files looking for this that and the other thing modify it. Unfortunatly, they all make minor damages to it, after a year the system will probably break down. Thats why most people reccomend reinstalling the system every 6 months.

SillyPooh Dec 28, 2000 12:58 PM
The system suitcase is a normal program. It contains/holds data in what we call the resources and these resources get modified and overwritten all the time. The modified resources are parameters necessary for the inner working of the system. So all this is normal.

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Gregory Dec 28, 2000 03:52 PM
Page Setup and Desktop Printers cause modifications. Which are picked up by ResEdit and by Conflict Catcher and reported as minor errors - which should be fixed and if left alone will cause problems. I replace the system file form a copy of clean install kept as a disk image file (read-write and 100MB free so I can still run Apple updates to keep it current).
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