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Keyser Soze Feb 15, 2000 10:54 AM
Network Problem
I had my PowerBook G3 (Wallstreet)and my Imac networked on a Peer-Peer direct crossover connection. Everything was running smoothly. I just bought a Hub (Surecom) and I now just can't get the Macs to recognize each other. The hub give me 2 green lights, recognizing both machine. When I go back to the direct connection, everything is still fine. The iMac is running on OS 8.6 and the PowerBook on OS 9. File Sharing is now slow as hell on the PowerBook. It is also giving me a message on the PowerBook that another machine has the same IP Address. Any Set Up that I should know about? Any document that thoroughly describe setting a network with a hub?
BTW, the cable I use with the hub are straitgh through, so no this is not the problem.
Thanks in advance, guys!
Chris_G Feb 15, 2000 11:30 AM
If the problem is that both of your computers are sharing the same IP address, that can be resolved in the TCP/IP control panel... you may need to change the user mode to Intermediate or Advanced to be able to access the IP address. You can see what your IP addresses are in the System Profiler. If they are the same, then you need to change one. What made you switch to a hub? Are you also sharing a cable modem or some entrance to the internet?

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