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heart93 Dec 23, 2000 07:29 PM
SOftware Update won't run
Whenever I try to run the Software Update (1.2) on my iBook or All-In-One, I get the message "Software Update is not able to run." Everything is turned on in the Extension Manager & I am already connected to the internet. Any ideas?

Fredo Dec 23, 2000 08:07 PM
Delete the Software Update Pref file, the Software Update Logs file, and the Updatable Items file...restart and rebuild desktop.
bleen Dec 24, 2000 02:31 AM
There is an extension called "HTMLRenderingLib" that Software Update uses, make sure that it's enabled for Software Update to run.
heart93 Dec 24, 2000 01:04 PM
I deleted the prefs, rebuilt the desktop, and checked to make sure the HTML extension is on. Still no luck.
Any other suggestions?
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Misha Dec 25, 2000 04:25 PM
A G4 of mine has this problem as well. When I boot with the OS 9 All extension set it works fine, but when I boot with the standard extension set it does not. Some sort of conflict some where... I haven't bothered to locate it yet, however.

Try booting up with the OS 9 All set and see if that gets it to work.
darkstranger Dec 25, 2000 09:39 PM
You need to enable all of the security extensions for the SU to function.

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rambo47 Dec 25, 2000 10:45 PM
Try allocating more RAM to the Software Update Control Panel. Just like with applications, one mouse click and choose "get info" from the file menu. Select "memory" and up the minimum and recommended amounts to 10 or 15 MB.


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Gregory Dec 26, 2000 11:07 AM
The Security extensions need to be enabled for SU to work. Also check to make sure you give the appe and the Installer Engine have been allocated extra memory.
heart93 Dec 27, 2000 06:02 PM
I rebooted with all of the base extensions on & it ran just fine. Since I did have the security extensions off, I will assume that was indeed the problem. Thanks to those who helped out.

BTW - in case you were wondering, all of my software is up to date ;-)

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