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Juicebox Mar 19, 2000 03:16 PM
Drag and Drop problems???

Help with a little problem... I usually am able to drag an e-mail address (hotlink) from Netscape over to Claris e-mailer. About 2 days ago this ability stopped? Any idea what could have changed how to fix it under OS 9?

It makes my work take twice as long now?

Linda Mar 19, 2000 04:15 PM
Hey there, Jerry--

Can you tell us a little more? What kind of machine, how much RAM, what version of the OS, what version of Netscape, what version of Emailer...

And anything else you might have done to your computer right around then--any new software installed, any system crashes, anything?

Juicebox Mar 19, 2000 08:19 PM
Hello Linda!

Thank you for your help. My system is a G4 350MHz DVD, OS 9.0, 256M ram, I can't think of any new additions. Netscapeis the problem (Communicator 4.61) Claris emailer 2.03.

I tried drag and drop from Internet Explorer 4.5 and it does drag and drop to E-mailer and to the desktop. Unfortunately cand use IE for these specific acounts. I have 10 different user profiles with Communicator, I don't think I0E supports multiple users.

So is there some prefeences in Netscape that could prevent D&D?

Thanks again!

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