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The Godfather Mar 18, 2000 05:34 PM
Are Text-to-Speech voices so hard to develop?
Are Text-to-Speech voices so hard to develop? All the voices I have ever seen are the one developed by Apple, all a LOOONG time ago. I know there is a SDK for that, has anyone tried learning how to use it?
Infocotic Mar 20, 2000 10:55 AM
I would also be very interested in learning more about this subject. I wonder, what is speech synthesis like on the other side of the fence, i.e. Windows? Surely there is something that you could do with the more advanced hardware and software that's becoming available today.
MacCiv2000 Mar 20, 2000 03:10 PM
I haven't tried playing with the SDK for MacOS's speech yet but I do think it may become another Apple tech that fades away if Apple pushes other OS X features.
For Windows speech there used to be speech software that could allow the computer talk, it was made by Creative Labs for the Sound Blaster 16 bit in the mid 90's (1994-1995) called Text to Speech, I still use it once in a while. Text to Speech hasn't been updated and isn't even included with their sound cards for a few years so chances of getting your hands on it is very low but not impossible.
Sune, Denmark Mar 21, 2000 04:35 AM
There certainly are a lot of voices in other languages for Apple "Text-to-speech". That includes danish, swedish, norwegian, finnish, german, french, italian and a lot of others. You can find demo'es of them at Telia Promotor's wehsite (<a href=""></A>). To find a distributor near you, please check .

Plz notice that the full version ships on discs, not CD's.
Sune, Denmark Mar 21, 2000 04:47 AM
I forgot to mention:

The voices are commercial, but it's possible to download fully functional demoes. The complete version requieres installation from a floppy drive, thus isn't a real option for i-users. However, the voices are great, and are used in conjunction with the more than excellent "Yak-Yak" programme for "people having great problems spelling" (there are a word for them, but I cannot remember). Yak-Yak can be found at and is a Mac OS only program, that's almost forgotten, but certainly one of the great Mac advantages.
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