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fbroz Mar 20, 2000 07:21 PM
Improper restart and shut down behavior
I have a 333mhz iMac with 96 megs of RAM running OS 9. My problem is that since a few days ago my iMac has not responded properly when I try to restart it or shut it down. Once I select restart or shut down, the finder starts to quit... the icons disappear, but then things stops. I can force quit the finder but this freezes the computer. I can use apple + option + shift + pwr to cut the power, but this is a workaround, not a fix. The only thing that I can think of that would have caused my problem is that a few days ago I downloaded and ran what was apparently a crack of 9.0.4 updater. I have since done a clean reinstall of the OS and there is no sign of the file "PowerPC Enabler 9.0.4" but the problem remains.

Any Suggestions? I have not been able to find this problem elsewhere in the forums, and it is driving me nutz!

Don Foy Mar 21, 2000 09:20 PM
When you did a clean install of the system, did you move preferences from the old system to the new or did you start with fresh prefs?

It sounds like the finder prefs need to be trashed again. If that doesn't work, I'd zap the PRAM.
fbroz Mar 21, 2000 10:41 PM
good call, i did use the old preferences... I think I have found the culprit elsewhere though. I am having some other problems with my Zip 100 and I found that when I insert the disk (it doesn't nessicarily show up on the desktop) the iMac restarts and shuts down normaly. hmmm...

wlonh Mar 21, 2000 10:51 PM
it seems that most users have best luck with zip drives if they use only the iomega driver supplied by Apple in MacOS...
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