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forfeng Mar 17, 2000 04:33 PM
Missing the color red
I seem to be missing the color red in all my applications, desktop etc. Its not a software problem evidently, just want to know if this is the first sign of my monitor frying itself. Thanks.
The Godfather Mar 17, 2000 05:58 PM
No, it is most likely that your monitor cable is not plugged correctly (pushed all the way in) on either end, or that your monitor cable has a broken wire inside.

If you have already checked for that, then I wouldn't why your monitor behaves like that.
Chris_G Mar 17, 2000 06:14 PM
What kind of monitor do you have? Older Macintosh 15" AV Multisynch monitors had a problem with the red gun... over time the color red failed on them. I had two such monitors "die" on me.

DewD Mar 24, 2000 12:02 PM
If your Monitor is an Apple-branded MultiSync monitor , either 14-15 -or 17-inch size, made about 1996-97 , this was a manufacturing defect. A wire came unsoldered inside the monitor case which disabled the Red electron beam gun....the Green and Blue guns continue to work. Sometimes this was intermittent, but usually became a total failure .
Apple will replace your monitor for free, if you are the original owner, but you have to take it to an authorized repair outlet ( or at least I did...who knows these days ?)
BTW---the monitor I recieved for replacement had its own screwy defect...the image is slightly "tilted"'s a quarter inch lower on the right side than the left. This was due to a screw coming loose inside that supported the cathode ray tube on one side.
Oh well.....
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