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rene May 22, 2000 02:36 PM
os 9.0.4 and usb to scsi converters
i'm trying to find a usb to scsi converter that will actually work with my pb (firewire) and it's os 9.0.4
so far i've tried 2;
the entrega/xircom and the ariston iconnect.

both connect and mount removables without a problem ( 2 gig jaz drive - and yes i know about the termination and daisy chaining it, i've tried that )
i can open the files on the jaz disk, but cannot copy them to the pb's hd. instead i get a diskerror.
i get the same error when i attempt to copy to the jaz disk.

i tried opening a file and copy pasing the content into a new file and saving that on my pb's hd and that worked without a problem.
but it is impossible to copy the same file.

i have updated all the apple system stuff. i have used the latest iomega drivers and used the latest drivers for both devices but that hasn't improved the situation.

in fact the xircom is slightly better than the iconnect. the xircom only causes a disk error, the icoonect manages to end up in a hardcrash half the time....

any one else out there with similar problems, or better yet, a solution?

wlonh May 26, 2000 08:50 AM
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