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wlonh May 22, 2000 03:16 PM
Ethernet update via Software Update control panel
ok, versiontracker says there's an Apple ethernet update available throught the software update panel only (at this time), so i open the update control panel and tell it to fetch... nope, no ethernet update available sez update control panel (big surprise).

so, i trash the Updatable Items file and try again... nope.

so, i trash the Software Update control panel pref's and the Software Update Log file and try again and this time Software Update reports that it can't connect to the internet etc...

right, sure... my Mac is and was connected to the 'net just nicely, thank you

my question: has anybody seen this sort of behavior (Software Update claiming inability to connect to the 'net) and what if anything have you found to be a fix?

i'll settle for a good explanation of what happened even if you don't know of a fix

oh, and all my internet configuration files are clean, no corruption there... that is, there was no corruption there before running Software Update but there may be some now
wlonh May 22, 2000 03:24 PM

the update is now available as a conventional
http download

of course
exa May 22, 2000 06:51 PM
Is it me or does software update take a YEAR and a HALF to get the list of updates? Any way to fix this?
iPaul UK May 22, 2000 07:18 PM
I have virtually ALL the problems that you guys mentioned! For a long time after updating to Mac OS 9, I never once got the Update Control Panel to connect... Then I tried it once more about a week or so ago and it worked! And yes, it took ages to connect. But to my surprise the "Multimedia" update isn't listed!? Niether is it on Apple UKs web site. I can only guess that it's a localised thing and that it just isn't available for UK systems yet. Thanks Apple..

And even on the rare occasion that it does work, I still don't really like to use it as you can't easily back up the downloaded files so easily.

At the time of writing this.. I can't connect...
Don Foy May 23, 2000 03:27 PM
According to MacNN today:

Yesterday's Ethernet Update 1.0 is compatible only with slot-loading iMacs, according to a post from Apple on the
Support Discussion boards. A Tech Info Library article is in the works that will explain the update in greater depth.

So even if it shows up, it may not download it for you if you don't have the right model.
wlonh May 23, 2000 05:12 PM
it seems that it is a good idea to trash the 'Updatable Itmes' file after every use of the Software Update control panel, and it probably wouldn't hurt to trash its pref's file and logfile after each use (or before each use, whatever)

the ethernet update was the first time Software Update neglected to work for me, and i think Don got it right, Apple probably thinks my Mac doesn't need the enet update

and they are probably right as i have no enet troubles
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