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pneumatic May 22, 2000 03:18 PM
Open GL 1.1.3 problems?
After upgrading to 9.0.4 and the resulting OpenGL 1.1.3, I've noticed problems with certain GL games.

For instance, GL Tron won't play if it's in full screen mode, it flickers horribly, but works just fine in windowed mode.

Q3 also suffers from "jitters", which can be cured by enabling vsync. Also I've noticed severe color banding in all the games, almost like they are in 16-bit instead of 32. And transparent textures are no longer transparent, the transparent parts are slightly black.

Anyone else having these problems? I'd hate to have to go back to a previous version, GL 113 gave a pretty good performance boost !
slboett May 22, 2000 04:55 PM
There's a new version of QuickTime and Game Sprockets...maybe those will help.

oscar May 23, 2000 12:28 AM
What video card are you suing?

-See Yea!
slboett May 23, 2000 01:02 PM
Hey, he doesn't work for Apple - he's not SUING anyone!!! Scott
oscar May 24, 2000 06:58 AM
Ahh, get a little overboard with the halluciongenics, my fault =)

(Hey, look at that, my 200th post, no wonder my idle time on irc is higher then it used to be)

-See Yea!
pneumatic May 25, 2000 10:48 AM

I'm using the stock R128 that came with the machine. (Soon to hopefully be replaced!)

All latest updates/drivers too. As I said, this seems to only happen in full screen mode, if I switch to windowed mode, everything runs fine.

Even in Q3, there is noticable banding, almost like I'm using 16bit or 16bit textures and I'm not. Switching to windowed mode gets rid of it... odd indeed.
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