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JFF May 22, 2000 06:10 PM
Allocate program memory
I have a problem I hope you could help me with.
I,m running a G4/450Mhz OSH1- 9.0.2 with 256 Mb ram.
When I try to save an Illustrator EPS file to disk I
get the error message "can't save preview, nearly out of memory,free up more memory to continue"
Illustrator is the only program running.

Is it possible to allocate memory to the program?

Hope you can help me with this

Jan Fredrik Furoy
wlonh May 22, 2000 06:31 PM
yes, do a 'get info' command on the application icon, there will be a dropmenu in the resulting Info window, select 'Memory' in the dropmenu and add as much as you want/need to
JFF May 23, 2000 08:13 AM
Thank you
The problem is that the drop down menu
only states "general info" and "sharing"
The memory tab is gone....!
I remember it from the OS 8.6, but it don't
show up here (Reinstall the OS?)

Misha May 23, 2000 08:47 AM
Are you sure that you have the Adobe Illustrator 8.0 file (launcher) highlighted when you do a Get Info?

I've never heard of the memory tab disappearing...
rambo47 May 23, 2000 11:30 AM
Also remember you can not allocate more memory if you do the ''get info'' on an alias. The program must not be running and you must go to the actual icon to ''get info'' and change the allocated memory.

iDisk: rambo47
"There is no spoon."
JFF May 23, 2000 12:12 PM
Problem solved. I was using the alias...!
I'm pretty new about these things so thanks
again for your help.
I'll sure be back soon.
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