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sje789 May 25, 2000 02:43 PM
automate/Applescript iDisk?
I am new to Applescript, but I'd like to automate it so it works sort of like an automated back-up. Is there shareware to do this?
Is it possible with Applescript?
Can an Applescript wake the computer from sleep and do something?
Is AOL scriptable?
I know I can look this up, but the basic tutorials I've seen haven't answered these questions. I just want to know if this is possible, or if someone else has done the work already.
Paul Crawford May 26, 2000 03:49 AM

In terms of shareware programs for automated or scheduled backup, you could try searching in the various online shareware trackers and archives. For example, check out, the Info-Mac Archive and the File Management subcategory of ZDNet/MacWorld's MacDownload web site.

AppleScript scripts can also be used to perform automated backup and other tasks. However, to actually trigger the scripts at the desired times (e.g., forcing a wake-up from sleep), you'd need the help of a script scheduler. For instance, a copy of Sophisticated Circuits' iDo Script Scheduler utility is included on the Mac OS 9.0 CD-ROM in the 'CD Extras : AppleScript Extras' subfolder; you can also upgrade the "lite" version to a more powerful "enhanced" version.

AOL is scriptable; for tips, try searching in AOL's own documentation, and in the MACSCRPT Digest Archives Mirror (e.g., for the string 'america online' or 'aol').

[BTW, general AppleScript info can be found in the AppleScript Forum here on MacNN. For example, see the Copying across network? thread for a pointer to an iDisk-related backup script, and the New to AppleScript and Where do I learn more threads for pointers to various AppleScript web sites and other resources.]



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