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Barney Jun 21, 2000 10:22 PM
Miniscule font size
iMac Rev. A (all necessary updates)
96 Meg Ram
Mac OS 8.6
Internet Explorer 5
Outlook Express 5.0.2
Epson Printer 740
Imation SuperDisk Driver

Will someone please venture a guess as to why the thread topics selection list always shows up for me in about a size 8 font. MacNN is the only forum in which this occurs. I always have to use the "larger" button to increase the font size. It never occurs in any other fora (as wlonh would say). Neither in MacFixit nor in NoWonder (now known as ePeople). Nor in any other that I occassionly visit.
APW Jun 22, 2000 09:03 PM
That happened to me once and I just deleted my cookies and re-set my preferences to get it back to normal!
orlgummo Jun 22, 2000 10:30 PM
Maybe the admins can back me up on this, but I'm a web developer (isn't everyone these days?) and I suspect that the backend that drives these fora (wlonh's term) determines that. What I mean to say is that the font size is set at "1" by the coding on the backend; thus, when the page is rendered, you get tiny type. And the size 1 stuff is so relative anyway, because if you run this forum on a PC (yuk!) it'll look a bit larger (depending, of course, on your particular settings in IE5 on the Mac).

Finally, since the html-coder / backend programmer set the default font to Geneva, we get an even smaller font! Verdana, although a Microsoft-pushed font, is a little better at size 1, and wouldn't look so bad.

Hope this helps. What do you admins think?

"music made on macs for macs"

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Barney Jun 23, 2000 01:17 AM
APW, I've set and reset my preferences and deleted the cookies many times. And orlgummo, I find this problem on this forum only. And, yes, Verdana would be a great font for the forum.
wlonh Jun 23, 2000 01:39 AM
i have noticed you have an inordinate amount of trouble with the MacNN fora and it always seems cookie related... i am not trying to suggest that you are the only one, but i have not had much trouble if any with the fora, and i have used IE4.5.1, IE5, Netscape 4.x.x, iCab 2.0 all very successfully here... i rarely hear of members/readers haivng much if any trouble... i am suggesting the trouble is at your end even if these fora seem to be the only troublemaker for you, and i have no clue what gives with your issue, no fix comes to mind
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