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wlonh May 26, 2000 10:36 AM
Apple TIL - defragging to fix a non-booting Mac
ok so i take it back... i have previously posted my dubiousness as to the need to defrag, my claim was that it would likely produce any noticeable speed improvements ONLY in a_very_severely_fragged_older_Mac, or if one works with very large audio, photoshop, or video files... i.e., the average Mac user with a Mac made in the past year or so (longer maybe) will likely not notice any speed gains from defragging... and i still maintain that to be true up to a point, and here is that point:

i understand the distinction between the condition(s) described in the TIL article and the comment on speed gains i just made, but_also_i thought defragging to be of little or no use whatever when a Mac won't boot

i very very rarely defrag my HD(s) and i can tell you this Mac is fast and stable (rev2 beige mini G3 466MHz, OS 9.04), and i run SETI from a RAM Disk so it gets a de facto defragging every time i restart i can defrag it at any time by backing it up to the HD and then reloading it to RAM disk, takes seconds... and finally, i do consider myself a fairly average Mac user who has no_real_need of defragging but does it for the heck of it sometimes and finds that there are always some minor glitches that crop up immediately after defragging... hmmm, another reason why i hardly ever do it
Fredo May 31, 2000 07:13 PM
Just about every utilities disk has a defrag feature. Norton's speed disk, Diskwarrior's plus optimizer, TechTool Pro's optimization. They just take a long time.
Raphael Jun 6, 2000 02:28 AM
Since I installed the firmware upgrade on my iMac DV SE, the machine as troubles rebooting (cold or warm boot). I need to hit the reset button in order to boot it.

I'll see if defragmenting the drive solves the issue. The symptoms are similar to what the technote describes (happy mac icon and the nothing occurs).

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