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Adam Silver May 28, 2000 06:30 PM
"Guest" Monitor Resolution
No matter what I do, the resolution for "Guest" on my Yikes! 400 G4 running Mac OS 9.0.4 goes back to 1152 * 870 when someone logs in. This is too small for a 17" display.

Does anyone know how to get the resolution for "Guest" to stay at 1024 * 768 after logging out?

And no, this doesn't affect any other user account on my G4.
Ster May 30, 2000 02:48 PM
try this:[list=1][*]in the multiple users control panel, enable guest access to control panels[*]logout, then log in as guest[*]set the correct resolution and depth from the monitor control panel (you should have access to it from the apple menu)[*]logout, then login as administrator[*]in the multiple users control panel, disable access to control panels[*](edit)login as guest. it should now be at the resolution and depth that you set.(/edit)[/list=a]
that's worked for me at work, so it should do it.
hope that helps,

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