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MacSince88 Jun 23, 2000 10:05 PM
Driver Version: Not Available
Running OS9.0.4 on B&W G3/450 w/ Quantum SCSI HD (standard Apple configuration), the driver version is unknown to Apple Sys Profiler (ASP). I updated the driver successfully- several times-- w/ OS9 system disk (HD Setup), but the ASP report continues to not recognize driver version. I should note that when I updated to OS9.0.4, the install program noted that it could not update my HD driver but appeared to successfully complete 9.0.4 upgrade. I update driver w/ OS9.0 CD after 9.0.4 install completed. Also note that I ran ASP immediately after 9.0.4 install and after HD driver update from 9.0 CD-- both times the ASP lists Driver Version as Not Available.

The reason I care to resolve this is that I recently experienced HD file corruption where all files w/ name that alphabetically followed "Ma" (inc. my sys folder) were corrupted and not visible to finder. Sherlock could locate them but not do anything w/ them (like copy or move). Disk First Aid could not repair and Norton Disk Doctor could not repair. I restored most that I needed using Norton's Restore utility, reformatted and reinstalled starting w/ OS9 CD then updating w/ download of 9.0.4. I don't want to go thru w/ data loss and reformatting again if I can help it, so I'm trying to ensure all is working fine. The Driver Version not being available to ASP tells me something is not right.

Thanks in advance for your help and comments.
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