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gMan Jun 24, 2000 01:42 AM
I have a VCD, and seem unable to get it to work on my Mac. I have installed CD/DVD SpeedTools instead of the Apple CD/DVD Driver, as recommended (see ) but QuickTime continues to not recognise the .DAT files and other downloaded players don't work either.

I don't see why QuickTime can't recognise this file, if it is a true MPEG: I tested this by renaming an MPEG file to end with ".dat" and changing the type & creator - QuickTime could still open the movie.

And I don't think the disc is corrupt - it plays fine on a PC with Windows Media Player.

Can any one help me with this problem?

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jchan Jun 24, 2000 03:15 AM
The only answer I can think of is to check if the QuickTime MPEG Extension is turned on in the extensions folder.

gMan Jun 25, 2000 08:21 PM
Yes, it is - and it can play regular MPEG movies perfectly.
disectamac Jun 25, 2000 11:50 PM
Try this:

Drag the video file from the CD to an open blank window in Netscape.

Don't regard Netscape telling you that the application to open this file could not be found. it might suggest Sparkle err something.

It should ask you if you wish to save the file. click save. quit Netscape and open your download folder where the saved file is.

Drag this new file into Quictime or any software that uses quicktime such as Play it cool etc. or double click on the file and choose quicktime.

hope it works for you.

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Kenneth Jun 29, 2000 02:47 PM

Could you tell me what VCD title is it? I have many VCDs at home and all works fine on my iMac Rev. A with QuickTime 4.1.2.


"With technology in all corners, learning to unplug can be particularly difficult."
gMan Jul 1, 2000 12:13 AM
I have a Rev B iMac with QuickTime 4.1.2. The VCD title is "The Sixth Sense".
Kenneth Jul 2, 2000 02:58 AM

For "The Sixth Sense" movie, I have no trouble getting it to play with the QuickTime Player. Meanwhile, I am using the CD/DVD SpeedTools v5.1 with Directory Cache sets to 1M and Streaming Cache sets to 16K. I hope this help.

iMac Rev.A 233MHz
256MB RAM (VM is off)
Mac OS 9.0.4 & Mac OS X Dp4

"With technology in all corners, learning to unplug can be particularly difficult."
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