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adamk Jun 26, 2000 04:03 PM
copying games to the harddrive

i just bought riven and instead of carrying around five of the cd's with me wherever i go (i have a pb), i wanted to copy the discs to my harddrive. i tried to use disccopy and made a disc image that would mount on the desktop, but riven kept asking for the cd when the corresponding image is loaded. i did this with success with my copy of Railroad Tycoon II. why won't it work with Riven? does anyone have any other suggestions?

mac freak Jun 26, 2000 04:44 PM
Creating mounting disk images that appear to be CD's is how many people pirate games. I think that's why Riven has a safeguard against it...

And anyway, isn't the 3 GB+ that all the Riven disks take up a LARGE percentage of your PowerBook's hard drive? The hard drive in my PBG3/233 is only 2 GB! If I were you, I'd find better ways to use all that space, and carry around those five slim disk cases (c'mon--those Riven cases are pretty damn thin!).

Anyhow, I know that that didn't help much, but good luck!
CyberGreg Jun 27, 2000 07:48 AM

You need this....

Works GREAT!

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