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TeeTimeTB May 30, 2000 07:46 PM
Drag & Drop problems

Have you guys heard of a problem w/ Drag/Drop on OS9. I have been having a lot of problems w/ Flash, Photoshop, Netscape and other drag/drop aps. Macromedia first thought this was a small problen..telling people to do a clean install. Now they see it as a more wide spread problem, as well as other programs. Have you guys heard of this or have any ideas on a fix or work around? i did a clean install...still no luck.
Axiom Jun 1, 2000 12:11 PM
I've been running Photoshop & Netscape on OS 9 for months and have not had any problems with drag & drop, nor have I heard of any. The only time I've seen problems with drag & drop is when a legacy installer adds the Macintosh Drag & Drop extension to an OS that doesn't need it. Then it's crash city.

I know you said you did a clean install, but did you move anything over from the Previous System Folder? (I sometimes do this myself with 3rd party extensions like Timbuktu and video card drivers). Make sure the Macintosh Drag & Drop extension is not there. It got rolled into the OS a while back, before OS 8, I think, so adding it creates a conflict.

Sorry if I'm on the wrong track. Just trying to help.
Bakerbot Jun 1, 2000 03:45 PM
I Don't know if this is what you mean, but I can't for the life of me get photoshop to open a file (any file) via drag and drop. I can drag any file I want onto the Photoshop icon (alias or original), and it doesn't even highlight. I'm on 9.0.4 and using Photoshop 5.5.
TeeTimeTB Jun 1, 2000 05:19 PM
This is not a drag and drop ext conflict. The dragging and dropping problem in Photoshop is more dragging from one file to another. Macromedia is trying to figure this out. It hurts in Flash more than any other program, b/c of the nature of the libary window.
adamschneider Jun 1, 2000 06:20 PM
Bakerbot, have you rebuilt your desktop lately?
Bakerbot Jun 1, 2000 07:19 PM
I rebuild it religiously. I just trashed a file called "Adobe Photoshop 5.5 Paths" and now I'm draggin and droppin til I drop. Works like a charm.
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