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pastusza Jun 1, 2000 08:57 PM
modal dialogs locking up MacOS 9.0.4
I have a G4 Yikes! with MacOS 9.0.4 with all the latest updates. I have a problem with modal dialog boxes. Every time a modal dialog box pops up it hangs the computer. Sometimes command+option+escape will allow me to quit the app, and when I go back in, the Mac works fine with modals, but oftentimes the whole Mac hangs and I have to hit the reset switch.

Other modal boxes that just pop up a message, like the "encoding attachment" when you attach something in Outlook Express will also hang the computer. I am at a point now, where I feel I may need to reinstall the OS, but I would rather avoid doing that. Virex says there are no viruses.

Anyone have any ideas?

Andy Pastuszak
oscar Jun 2, 2000 05:41 AM
Hmm, Have you tried the usual, trashing finder, and system prefs? If you have, id
run TechTool to tell you if the system is corrupt.
If it is, try swaping out the finder/system suitcase with a known good copy (make sure you use the same version!)

-See Yea!

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pastusza Jun 2, 2000 09:25 AM
I tried all the usual troubleshooting BS, and none of it worked. I just did a clean in stall of OS 9 last night and applied all the updates. Seems to be just fine now. Now I just gotta reinstall anything that dropped extensions in the system folder.

Andy Pastuszak
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