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bojangles Jun 2, 2000 01:32 AM
Mac OS 9.5 - How much?!?!?
I just read about Mac OS 9.5 at . Anyone know if this will be a free upgrade, or if they'll be wanting me to get another new Mac for $99?

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jaguarandi Jun 2, 2000 04:28 PM
Given that 8.5 was a 'for fee' upgrade over 8.0/8.1, I would assume the answer would be 'yes'.

Personally, I'll wait for X
iPaul UK Jun 2, 2000 09:53 PM
Why all the excitement about OS-X? From what I can tell from all the previews etc.. it's going to be the most UN Mac like OS we have ever had! You don't need me to tell you guys that the Mac OS has always been one of Apples best stengths. Whats more.. All your old apps will most likely need major and costly updates to run with OS-X. Or else, if your lucky then your old apps will still run with some sort of emulation mode, meaning that those apps will run about as quickly as a slug in cold custard. Plus such a major change in the Mac OS structure is likely to carry some pretty major bugs with it for the first few months, not too mention a further increase in appetite for RAM. I can't see what we are supposed to get so excited about... Apart from the fact that the "OS-X" title looks a lot better than "OS 9.5.2" or whatever the final OS9 update may be called. Besides, bug fixes to OS-X are inevitable, so "OS-X.1.3" (or "OS-X.a.c"?) is still going to look pretty scruffy.

I think that if/when we do get a final update to the OS 9 series.. It's going to be the last great, true Mac OS, And one that many dedicated Mac followers will stick with long past many further OS releases, including OS-X and beyond...

I really don't want to have to say this yet again but.. "If it ain't broke," oh sod it, you know the rest!
wlonh Jun 2, 2000 10:52 PM
i have the very same fears/misgivings/doubts as you do iPaul

that's why i have said 'pray for X', and i mean it in every practical sense... the closer X comes to release the greater my anxiety will be, though it's likely i will dive right in as soon as it's available
Cipher13 Jun 3, 2000 02:28 AM
Indeed - but eventually we will have to move to OS X.
I for one will keep one hard drive with the latest version of the classic Mac OS, and one with OS X one it.
Now I gotta buy a new friggin hard drive... Anyone know prices for a 18 gig internal firewire? :-)

bojangles Jun 3, 2000 01:03 PM
I figured that the $99 deal would be the case. Who do they think is going to buy it? (Especially when X 1.0 will probably ship with 9.5 in!)

btw, Cipher13 - You might want to check out They've got links to some pretty intense HD prices!
wlonh Jun 3, 2000 02:21 PM
aw , there's plenty of suckers like myself who will buy the last iteration of the MacOS as we know it... to have a redoubt if needed
MacNZ Jun 5, 2000 07:40 AM
I've come to not really caring about OS upgrades until os X comes out. Of course if there's a free upgrade from 9 to 9.5 for my Pismo I'll take it but I find no problems running OS 8.0, through to 9.0.4 on a network. All systems in between have worked well for me and integrated ok so X is the big upgrade
escher Jun 5, 2000 06:01 PM
For people who are using a system that will not run OS X, the existence of OS 9.5 is good news.

Now, if Apple doesn't come out with a subnotebook, I'll still be able to run the latest version of the Mac OS until OS X ships in January 2001. That's better than nothing.

Does anybody know when OS 9.5 will ship? MWNY alongside OS X public beta?

oscar Jun 6, 2000 08:09 PM
Yea, I'd say that a prolly a good guess escher. If not at MWNY, then at an Apple Press confrence.

-See Yea!
wlonh Jun 6, 2000 08:24 PM
i still say it's gonna be free for everybody except mr. bojangles

(wonder who deleted my original post?)

it's a J-o-k-e ok?
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