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hawiken Jun 3, 2000 04:11 PM
Clean Install, System Merge
I just installed OS 9.0.4 using Conflict Catcher to merge the 9.0.4 with 8.6. I found the following items in the trash after the merge:
MS Variant Library(PPC)
MS Preferences Library(PPC)
MS Internet Library(PPC)
MS Favorites Library(PPC)
MS Container Lib(PPC)
MS Javascript(PPC)
MS Configuration Lib(PPC)
I know that Office 98 will replace these as soon as it's run, but how come they wound up in the trash? Particularly, since I labled them before the merge, and these are the original shared libraries from the new system? Is it safe to throw them away? Because these are not in the MS Library Folder in the Extensions Folder right now.
Another small problem, but irritating, is that I get a cursor freeze about every 2nd or 3rd time I sign on to AOL. This never happened with 8.6. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
Also, some windows take a lot longer to close than they did in 8.6. Relatively speaking, that is. Maybe a second. Larger graphics, particularly. Thanks, Ken
wlonh Jun 3, 2000 04:20 PM
sytem merge is a no-no according to macfixit... it has been implicated in serious loss of data and other errors

i've never used conflict catcher, never had the need for it, and i fervently believe that sometimes less is more...
WDL Jun 3, 2000 04:52 PM
Have been using CC for years - no problems.

1. Did you install CC 8.0.6 on your new system before you attempted the merge.

2. You can drag any items from the old to the new.

Never had anything in the trash until I restarted, then CC should ask you - "you have the following duplicated items in your system - which do you want to trash or keep" - that's not the exact message, but words to that effect.

wlonh Jun 3, 2000 04:57 PM
System merge is suspect and has resulted in serious loss of data

see macfixit
hawiken Jun 5, 2000 02:00 AM
Yep- installed CC8.0.6 in both OS before starting merge.
Here's what I did- dragged all of the extensions in question from the trash, and dropped them back into the system folder. Everything seems to work ok, I guess that i might have just bloated my system folder with more cr@p from MS.
WLONH-no offense, I have the highest regard for your knowledge, and your willingness to help people, but I searched MacFixit for CC8 and loss of data doing Systme Merge,and couldn't find anything. There were some posts about system slowdowns, and I'm considering reinstalling OS9, and then the upgrade to 9.0.4 again, but the truth is, 8.6 was a rock, I'm telling you, and I just may go back, which is the beauty of Clean Install, System Merge- the previous System Folder remains in your hard drive until you're sure that you don't need it, at which point you can trash it.I'll let you know what happens. (8.6 had a few problems, too, until I got them all worked out. Thanks much for your help...Ken
wlonh Jun 5, 2000 02:41 AM
well, i knew i'd read it somewhere, and indeed i did BUT it was not regarding loss of data, still it looks like there's reason to suspect the system merge bit as being less than kosher... and sorry about the macfixit reference...

use what you like, whatever makes you happy... i will admit to having a very strong dislike for CC, and maybe that is why i had an embellished memory of what i'd read

and i am a DIY person
hawiken Jun 6, 2000 02:08 AM
thanks again for your prompt reply.I probably wouldn't like Conflict Catcher so much myself, if David Pogue hadn't written the manual. Anything that he recommends is all right by me.
I fixed the slow window closing syndrome by visiting the memory control panel, and turning off virtual memory, which I had neglected to do in OS9. (acting like I'm mentally disabled myself...)
Now, if I could just figure out what makes my cursor freeze, I'd be a happy guy again, because nothing, NOTHING, pi$$es me off like a frozen mouse...again, thanks for your help. Ken
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