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matttichenor Jun 4, 2000 12:32 AM
PNFIconGraphics Folders?
I like to keep my HardDrive root folder very clean and organized. Recently a folder named "PNFIconGraphics" appeared under my HardDrive Folder. I have seen these folders elsewhere but I thought they were usually hidden. My question is threefold, can I delete this folder or will this cause problems? Where should it be stored? How do you view hidden items?

Thanks in advance,
wlonh Jun 4, 2000 01:03 AM
well if you mean how do you view the contents of the file, you can use bbedit lite (free, search, it will open any file for viewing...
sherlock can find invisible files if you set the search criteria to find invisible files

i don't know what the file in questrion is
oscar Jun 4, 2000 03:43 AM
Ahh, its apple web sharing icon cache file. if you share a folder, this folder will be created in the directory to cache icons, and will actually cache the page it produces, so future folks will grab the page faster, with less overhead.

-See Yea!
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