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The Godfather Jun 6, 2000 06:50 PM
How do I burn a bootable CD?
I want to burn a bootable CD with OS 9. Are there any conditions for it to work the way I want? Do I just burn a System Folder inside or what?
doggydoo Jun 6, 2000 07:03 PM
Well, all other things aside, if it is anything like making a bootable Zipdisk, then make sure you have a copy of the current MacOS ROM file on th disk, and use a MASSIVE cache file for the writer to use as a temp file so that you dont introduce ANY errors into the writing process, otherwise all you will have is a shiny new coaster for coffee cup. HTH (:-}
Paul Crawford Jun 7, 2000 02:17 AM
Hi Godfather,

Also, if you're planning to burn a Mac OS 9.0.4 CD-ROM, there are some other issues that you'll need to work around, as discussed in the 'Ask Al' article Why do I get a "file system map inconsistent" error when trying to start up from a CD I made with a Mac OS 9.0.4 System folder? [and also in the earlier Can't burn bootable 9.0.4 CD-R (but 9.0 OK) thread in this Forum].



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Cipher13 Jun 7, 2000 05:09 AM
Have a valid copy of the System Folder (generally you want a stripped system for this) and put it with the rest of the data you want on the CD (I'm assuming you're Toast) - make sure the System Folder is at root. Go to the disc info (I think) area of Toast and check the "Bootable" option.

penfold Jun 7, 2000 06:15 AM
I use a ZipCD with an extremely watered down version of Toast....almost like bread actually, but if you just drag your active "System Folder" on to toast, then that's all I've found I have needed to make a bootable disk.

The Godfather Jun 7, 2000 02:27 PM
Thanks all so much.

You are my fellas now
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