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niacin Jun 7, 2000 08:18 AM
A question on File Association
I have a very simple question regarding file associations.
You know when you double click a file, and the correct application will launch, opening it. How do you change the application association with the file?
I had Acrobat Reader preinstalled, but now i have the full Adobe Acrobat, and i want my PDF files to open using Acrobat, instead of the Reader. I've trashed Reader, but what happens now is that there is an error when I double click PDF files. How do I go about changing this?
I wish to be able to choose which application I want to open a certain type of file, just like I could do in Windows, with the different extensions.
wlonh Jun 7, 2000 08:31 AM
change the creator type of the file... there are many ways to do this and several freewares/sharewares that will do it easily

that is a popular util for this and other operations, you can search for many other utils to do this

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Cipher13 Jun 8, 2000 12:23 AM
I've got a real convenient Contextual Menu plug-in that changes creator/type codes - if you want it just say the word.

Idler Jun 8, 2000 06:06 AM
Since the Acrobat Reader and Acrobat files are probably the same, you can put aliases of both programs on the desktop and drag the files and drop them on the alias of the program you want to open them with.
exa Jun 8, 2000 06:41 AM
I wouldn't suppose changing the "pdf" under file exchange or under internet helper applications would help, would it?
niacin Jun 8, 2000 11:36 AM
I went to the File Exchange Control Panel and tweaked the settings for files with PDF extensions. I set Acrobat 4.0 as the program to open PDF files. I then trashed Acrobat Reader. The result is: PDF files now open with Acrobat 4.0 and not Acrobat Reader!
Then, by trashing the Acrobat related preferences, the "Kind" field now displays Acrobat 4.0 Document instead of Acrobat Reader Document.
Thank you all!
Cipher13, could you pass me that plug-in? It sounds mighty inviting.
I'll send you an email just in case you don't read this Thank you!
wlonh Jun 8, 2000 08:04 PM
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