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bpsmith Jun 8, 2000 08:47 AM
URGENT: DragLib problem
Hello all.

I work for a school district that uses our own version of Apple Software Restore to place our district standard software on our machines. Anyway, our new restores work fine, until either you run Disk First Aid or have to force reboot your machine (in which case disk first aid runs during startup). Disk First aid finds some minor errors and then reports a major error in the HFS wrapper partition. It tells us to backup and restore the volume. Clicking on "Repair" supposedly repairs the drive successfully, but upon quiting, a message saying that the finder could not run because the system library DragLib could not be found. The only option is to restart. Upon doing so, everything is fine. If we then reboot the lab of machines with Network Assistant 3.5.2, a couple of machines freeze and start showing symptoms again. It's like the drives are randomly screwing themselves up. Our lab that we performed this on is a lab of 400 MHz B&W G3 computers. We have a restore disk for each machine type. We were able to reproduce the same problems with our iMac DV restore CD. Any thoughts about what might be going on and how we can fix it? It's really urgent that we get this problem fixed!!!

Brad Smith
slboett Jun 8, 2000 12:44 PM
Something to look for:
When you create you "image" to be used with ASR, is it HFS or HFS+? When you use the restore option, make sure your settings match the formatting of the drive, i.e., if you image is HFS+, make sure that your target drive is formatted HFS+.
Also, are you sure your image is using the correct OS for the target Macs?

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