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PhoenixG27 Jun 25, 2001 08:41 PM
Desk Accessory Memory Usage?!
I'm having a *really* weird problem.

When I try to open anything that is officially a "desk accessory" it says that there is not enough memory available and I should try turning up the virtual in the memory control panel.

I've got 160MB or RAM, and the two things that I'm trying to open (Calculator and Calendar) take up prolly 200k RAM each. Also, I've noticed that the other "Desk Accessories" in the same folder are actually application programs and not true accessories. The only ones that are giving me this problem are the ones that are actually D.A.s. Anyway, I tried changing the creator/type in ResEdit with no solution.

Has anyone ever had this problem before!? These programs have always worked for me and I don't know that I've installed anything recently that would have messed them up. Thanx y'all.

<anonymous> Jun 27, 2001 09:16 AM
This may be your problem/solution:
PhoenixG27 Jun 27, 2001 06:35 PM
Yes!!! Thank you so much! =D
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